The Biggest Reason Disney+ Can Never Seriously Compete With Netflix

Comparing Disney+ with Netflix might sound like a lopsided argument considering former has a catalog to die for in the way of classics. If this sounds like a logical way to compare Disney and Netflix, it might not be so lopsided after all.

Once one considers Disney only has its own catalog, it does limit them to making do with the things they already own. Netflix has been spending money to acquire things from outside its own studios, giving them a bit of an edge when it comes to experimenting.

Even then, there could be further arguing on who has the advantage here. While most experts agree Netflix will still be fine amid competition from Disney+ and Apple TV+, no one should necessarily count Disney out for at least equaling Netflix.

The Disney library is small than Netflix’s

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Disney+ | NICK AGRO/AFP via Getty Images

If going by sheer numbers, reports are Disney’s catalog is 15% smaller than Netflix’s bevy of movies and shows. Since numbers on charts always seem to make the difference in making decisions, perhaps many are sticking by Netflix and waiting on Disney+ until the latter expands its catalog in another year (or two).

To put this in more concrete terms, Netflix has 5,800 titles to stream. Disney only has 800 at the moment, though will likely be in the thousands by 2020.

It’s better to not let inflated numbers become too exaggerated, though. Maybe Netflix will tout this in their marketing, yet any streaming fan shouldn’t forget about quality over quantity. On this front, it might take a far more extensive analysis on an individual title basis.

Neither Netflix or Disney can make claims to having every title be a four-star movie or show. Those who’ve seen some of Netflix’s on-the-cheap productions of late (especially their romcoms) could easily say a quarter of their current unique titles are more middling rather than must-see.

Does Disney ultimately have more quality in their catalog?

Just a general overview of Disney’s catalog would bring the opinion they have a lot more quality. After all, their classics catalog is clearly very high quality, and they have 80 years of movies to prove it.

When adding Pixar movies to the mix, plus the Star Wars, Marvel, and 20th Century Fox titles, it’s more than a little overwhelming in being able to watch these movies again and again.

On the other hand, Disney might be spoiling us so much that everyone might get tired of watching the same things over and over. Disney more or less tried to avert everyone taking the Disney catalog for granted by doing their moratorium/vault process for years with the DVD’s. Now, with anyone being able to stream every Disney-owned product forever without ever going away, things could become stagnant after a decade.

Despite Disney producing some amazing originals, Netflix is always bringing something new to their catalog every year. Undoubtedly, this is why Netflix users are staying put outside of 28% of them once saying they’d abandon the platform due to Star Wars and Marvel films being transferred to Disney+.

The public is willing to take a risk with Netflix finding quality originals

Most Netflix fans would probably admit the service is in need of a big original hit show again. They’ve had some hits recently, but not much reaching the cultural phenomenon of Stranger Things.

At the moment, Netflix has set up some serious strategy offering big Oscar-caliber films (e.g. Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman) during November and December. Their executives are most likely looking out for the next big original hit, something they can keep turning over decades ahead.

If nothing else, Disney and Netflix may be the two big leaders in the streaming wars once everything settles. Having both will offer familiarity on one side and the unexpected on the other, which is what great entertainment is all about.