The Bizarre Way the Duggar Family Celebrates New Year’s Eve

We all remember the infamous Duggar family from over a decade ago thanks to their various appearances on TV and ongoing shows like 19 Kids and Counting. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the parents of 19 kids, weren’t shy about showing viewers the ins and outs of their family. And over the years, even the youngest Duggars are growing up fast — and many of the older ones have spouses and kids of their own.

As for how the Duggars do the holidays, it’s a lot different (and on a much grander scale) than how many other families close out the year and ring in the next one. Here are the Duggar traditions that typically take place on New Year’s Eve.

They have a tradition of ‘praying in’ the New Year

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It’s no secret that God and religion are a huge part of every Duggar’s life. And for that reason, New Year’s Eve is full of thanks for the blessings of the past year and prayer for the year to come. Back in 2012, Michelle explained their family traditions to TLC. “New Year’s Eve in our home is all about family, friends and giving thanks for the previous year,” she said. As for the praying, she added, “About 15 minutes before the New Year is here, we’ll start taking turns going around the room praying and giving thanks. By the time everyone gets a turn, it’s already the New Year.”

This is clearly Michelle’s favorite part of the night, as it gives everyone in the family a chance to discuss what they’re thankful for and how they can work to draw closer to God in the coming year. “All of the pieces start falling into place when we keep our focus on our faith,” she added.

There are also plenty of games and snacks

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It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Eve party without some fun and good food, and the Duggar family parties don’t disappoint. While they may focus the holiday on their faith, Michelle noted to TLC that there are always “lots of games, and, of course, snacks and dip.” For the games, ping-pong and pool are always present. And Michelle also said that one of the family’s favorite snacks to eat is French onion dip with pretzel sticks. “We mix up a huge batch of using French onion soup-mix you can buy in the store,” she noted.

We’re sure there are plenty of other delicious foods at the family gathering as well, like Michelle’s famous homemade roles she makes around the holidays. We imagine there are also lots of Christmas cookies left, like Buckeyes and Christmas crinkle cookies, to satisfy a sweet tooth while praying, too.

Kissing when the clock strikes midnight is strictly for married couples only

While plenty of couples — married or not — take the tradition of kissing when the clock strikes 12, only a few of the Duggar children will be able to take part. Michelle and Jim Bob have incredibly strict rules when it comes to keeping their kids as pious as possible — and that includes no touching or kissing prior to marriage. Currently, there are eight Duggar kids who are married: Josh, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, and Joy-Anna.

According to Today, when the Duggar kids are courting a potential future partner, they’re asked to share their physical boundaries they’ve set for themselves with Michelle and Jim Bob. And these boundaries always include waiting to hug from the front, hold hands, and kiss until the two are married. To make sure they follow these rules, the couple is given a chaperone (typically a Duggar sibling) to watch over them when they’re on dates.

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