‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Did Matthew Atkinson or a Stuntman Do All of Thomas’s Epic Falls?

Thomas Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful may be subject to the most falls in soap operas. This has viewers often wondering if he does all of the stunts himself. He spoke about them in an interview about the character.

Matthew Atkinson
Matthew Atkinson | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

A short history of Thomas Forrester’s different portrayals on the show

Thomas is one of the most recast characters in The Bold and the Beautiful‘s history.  Multiple teen/adult actors have played the character since he was first introduced on-screen in 1988. Drew Tyler Bell was the first actor to play an aged version of the character. He portrayed Thomas as a main cast member from 2003 to 2004. Additionally, was a recurring cast member from 2005 to 2009.

After this, Adam Gregory took over the role in 2010 and the character was again a main cast member. He appeared as a series regular until late 2013. Gregory was then moved to recurring status with the show. He would go on to leave the show altogether in 2014.

Pierson Fodé became the third actor to play Thomas, debuting in the role in 2015. He portrayed the character until 2018. The actor left the show in order to pursue primetime roles. After departing the role, Fodé returned for multiple guest appearances as the character.

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Matthew Atkinson as the character

Thomas was brought back to the show full-time in 2019 when Matthew Atkinson was cast as the character. He became the fourth adult actor to portray Thomas. Atkinson was no stranger to daytime television. This was his second role on soaps, with the first being Austin Travers on The Bold and the Beautiful‘s sister show, The Young and the Restless. He played that character from 2014 to 2015.

“It was actually a long time coming,” Atkinson said in an interview with  Soap Opera Digest when talking about landing the role. “I remember this role coming around a few years ago. When it came around this time, [having worked at Y&R], I knew everyone there. I had met Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] before, and I couldn’t say no … There’s something very comforting now about being back in the same building.”

What Matthew Atkinson said about diving into the character

The character of Thomas, as played by Atkinson, is a much darker version of the character than we have ever seen before since his inception on the show. Thomas took a dark turn and has been written as more menacing. Though previous versions of the character weren’t squeaky clean, there has been a big difference between this Thomas and the previous ones.

Atkinson spoke about the new “dark” Thomas in a December 2019 interview with TV Insider. He explained. “Each time I got a script I went, ‘Wow!’ ‘Whoa!’ and ‘Here we go!’ As I began to realize the trajectory of this character, I learned exactly where his head space was and how he had these deep wounds from his past with his parents and Caroline’s (Linsey Godfrey) death. All of that had put him in a bad place.”

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He was also asked about Thomas’ several falls in the series. Once, he fell off a cliff, then the second time he fell in what was presumed to be acid, but it wasn’t. “As for the stunts, I do love to do as many of them as I can,” he said. “The show, understandably, wants to protect their actors. I got to fall over the cliff a little bit. They had a pad for me and I was locked into this harness to make sure I didn’t go all the way over. The stunt guy went much further than I did. I totally respect the show not wanting [actors] to push boundaries when it comes to doing stunts. I was into [doing] the fall into that vat but the main fall was done by the stuntman.”

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.