‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Want Bill to Revisit an Old Love Triangle

As one of the biggest soap operas on television for decades, The Bold and the Beautiful has been captivating viewers for a very long time. The show is notable for many reasons, from the actors who have been involved with the show from the beginning to the well-written, drama-filled storylines. Fans are heavily invested in the show, and even today, ratings for The Bold and the Beautiful are good. One particular star has remained a fan-favorite over the years, and recently, some fans on Twitter spoke up about a specific storyline involving the star that they would like to see revisited. 

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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ is an iconic soap opera

The Bold and the Beautiful first hit television in 1987. It had inauspicious beginnings, as it was created as a sister show to The Young and the Restless. However, the show quickly hit its stride and it became equally popular as The Young and the Restless in very short order. Many of the characters have done crossover appearances between shows, and several of the storylines have been much more complex and involved than the writing on most daytime soap operas.

While the ensemble cast has changed a number of times over the years, a few actors have emerged as series standouts. These include John McCook as Eric Forrester and Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan. Brooke and Eric have been two of the series frontrunners since the beginning — however, many of the other characters have become definite fan favorites, even if they don’t have quite as much screen time. 

Bill has been involved in a lot of drama

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Bill Spencer Jr., played by Don Diamont, has been a series regular since 2009. As the illegitimate son of the publishing giant Bill Spencer, Bill Spencer Jr. has one foot in the world of wealth and privilege, and the other firmly in the world of shady business deals. Bill is outspoken, ruthless, and always determined to get his way, no matter the consequences. One of the longest-running storylines involving Bill was his relationship with his father (or the lack of one). Since his father’s departure from the series, Bill’s primary focus has been as a love interest for various characters.

Often referred to as “Dollar Bill,” Bill has been involved with everyone from Brooke to Quinn. He is a loose cannon, but undoubtedly a very interesting character. 

Fans are ready for another love triangle featuring Bill

Bill can’t seem to keep himself out of the drama and is often involved in various love triangles. One of the biggest in the series history is the love triangle including Bill, Brooke, and Ridge. Brooke’s indecisiveness proves to be an issue with this particular romance, and she has a lot of trouble choosing between the unpredictable and exciting Bill and the more stable Ridge. 

Fans also have very definite ideas about what they would like to see in future episodes. One potential love triangle that fans have discussed online is Bill, torn between Shauna and Flo. Fans have pointed to their chemistry, and it would undoubtedly make for thrilling television. Another love triangle, which fans recently discussed on Twitter, is the combination of Bill, Katie, and Steffy. The original poster stated that “the Katie/Bill/Steffy love triangle truly would [sic] deserves to be revisited. This triangle was and still would be the most epic love triangle in the history of #BoldandBeautiful.” Of course, the last time that Bill was torn between Katie and Steffy, things went horribly wrong — with Bill’s longtime affair with Katie threatened for good — but perhaps that’s just the reason why fans want to see the matchup once again.