‘The Boys’: Inside the Actors’ Expectations for Butcher in Season 3

The second season of The Boys returned fans to the twisted take on the superhero genre. The gory and gut-wrenching, morally corrupt narrative dove further into the super-powered individuals at the mercy of a power-hungry corporation vying for governmental influence. And, the end of the season seems to have created more questions than the second outing on Amazon answered. 

[The Boys, season 2 spoiler warning] 

The Boys Amazon
The Boys Amazon | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Amazon Studios

Butcher’s character growth is at the crux of The Boys saga. And, with the love of his life no longer in the picture — accidentally murdered by her loving, yet powerful son — Butcher’s journey seems rather unpredictable. How will he cope with the loss of Rebecca, while also fulfilling her last wishes — to protect her son, Ryan? Can Butcher rise above his disdain for all supes and find a place in his heart for Homelander’s biological son? 

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the cast of The Boys sat down to discuss season 2, and what they think is in store for season 3. Laz Alonso — the actor behind Mother’s Milk — revealed what he thinks fans should expect of Butcher when the third season drops on Amazon. 

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What’s the deal with Butcher in ‘The Boys?’

Laz Alonso weighed in on Butcher’s predicament following the loss of Rebecca. He shared: 

I can only imagine the rampage that Butcher is going to be on in season 3. I think he’s going to go very dark…

Laz Alonso / EW

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Butcher is evidently heartbroken, as the actor behind the character, Karl Urban explains to Entertainment Weekly. Urban explains that Butcher is in “a devastated place” and where that place will take him remains unknown. However, given Butcher’s journey thus far, he seems destined to turn sadness into wreckage, as Laz Alonso argues. 

Jack Quaid weighs in on Butcher

Laz Alonso isn’t the only one to comment on the Butcher predicament, as the character’s trajectory alongside Homelander seems to have just begun. And, with Rebecca gone, it’s likely that everything will be different. Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie in the series, shared: 

It’s going to change everything because that’s, for Butcher, that’s his entire motivation gone. 

Jack Quaid / EW

With Butcher’s primary motivation for fighting against the supes no longer in the picture, what’s destined for the central character? Will he leave the supe-fighting behind? Will Butcher turn into an angry man on a rampage, seeking revenge against all those who have ever crossed paths with Vought? Or, will the leader become a hindrance to the team as opposed to an asset? Season 3 will (hopefully) follow Butcher’s mental and emotional state, answering the questions that now linger in viewers’ minds.