‘The Boys’ Season 2: Showrunner Says 2 People Will Give Homelander Problems, and They’re On His Team

When season 1 of The Boys dropped on Amazon Video, so did many people’s jaws. Some of us felt like we had to wipe blood and guts off our TV screens.

Already considered a hot commodity for the streamer, the series was renewed before the first episode aired without any pressure from The Seven.

Heading into season 2, fans will see what happens after Stillwell’s death, how Butch handles the news that Becca is still alive, and how both teams plot against their enemies.

Some of those so-called enemies are in their own houses, and Homelander will need to watch his sadistic back. We don’t know if anyone out there loves the guy, but he will learn that not everyone is afraid of him.

'The Boys' on Amazon
Scene from ‘The Boys’ with Homelander and Queen Maeve | Courtesy Amazon Studios

‘The Boys’ season 2 trailer was released

Season 2 of The Boys will premiere on September 4 this year, but Amazon and the crew behind the series wants to whet your appetite with a teaser trailer.

There will be gore, schemes, emotional torture, and creepy behavior beyond what viewers experienced in season 1. How do we know? There are two reasons.

The trailer hints at it.

The other reason is because showrunner Eric Kripke said so. During an appearance on The Wrap’s virtual screening panel, he described season 2. “We’ve had some really fu*king insane moments this season. I would say we topped last season in terms of level of insanity, in general.”

Kripke also shared that Homelander will receive treatment he’s not used to, courtesy of two characters.

New supe will challenge Homelander

Did you notice the woman with the lightning bolts in the trailer? That would be the “new girl.” It’s Stormfront, Translucent’s replacement and upon first meeting Maeve and Homelander, she’s a thorn in the latter’s side.

Stormfront landed her own introductory trailer, and in it, she’s on a livestream with her fans as she walks up to the two veteran Seven members.

“My nana’s your biggest fan,” she says to Homelander with a cool blast of shade. Hired directly by Vought boss Mr. Edgar, her presence immediately pisses off the lead supe.

Antony Starr (Homelander) was also on The Wrap’s panel, and he said from his character’s first meeting with Stormfront, it doesn’t get any better. “It gets him on the back foot. It pushes him to a new place of insecurity and neediness that he hasn’t experienced before.”

He added that Stormfront “definitely screws with Homelander.”

Mr. Edgar is not a fan of Homelander

With Stillwell gone, so is the main buffer/marketing whiz for The Seven. Stan Edgar appeared in the final episode of season 1 of The Boys, and Kripke explained he’s nowhere near a coddler like Stillwell.

Edgar is a steely, corporate boss who doesn’t care for the celebrity hoopla surrounding The Seven. With that in mind, Kripke said:

His attitude is he’s in a weapons and pharmaceutical company, and these movies and things are a distraction to him. So, his attitude toward The Seven is much cooler I would say, and not nearly as placating or respectful as Stillwell was, which again is yet another thing that really knocks Homelander on his heels this year.

Kripke added that Homelander does not react well to this boss who “doesn’t give a sh*t.” Giancarlo Esposito is set to command the role once The Boys returns to Amazon on September 4.

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