‘The Boys’ Twitter Account Trolls Fans with Season 3 Spoiler

The Boys Twitter account is almost as fun as the show itself. And as fans anxiously wait for the Amazon series to return, the show tweeted out a hilarious spoiler for season 3. 

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime's 'The Boys.'
Karl Urban as Billy Butcher on Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys.’ | Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime

‘The Boys’ trolls fans with a season 3 finale spoiler

Season 3 of The Boys is still in production. And that means it’ll be a while before viewers get to dive back into its thrilling superhero universe. But to keep fans entertained in the interim, The Boys Twitter account shared what they claim to be a season 3 finale spoiler.  

“Season 3 ends with Hughie waking up in bed with Susanne Pleshette and telling her about the weird dream he had where a guy with a beard kept swearing at him,” the tweet reads.

Of course, this isn’t a real spoiler. The tweet is a reference to the final episode of Newhart, in which Bob Hartley (Bob Newhart) wakes up and tells his wife Emily (Susanne Pleshette) about a dream, which turns out to be the events of the entire series. 

So, according to their Twitter joke, in what would be a huge meta twist, Hughie (Jack Quaid) would wake up in the finale and realize that everything that happened with Butcher (Karl Urban) was a dream.

Series star Jack Quaid replied to the post with a hilarious comment of his own. “There was SO much blood!” he joked. “Arguably too much!”

When will ‘The Boys’ return for season 3?

According to The Boys Twitter account, asking about the season 3 release just sets the date back further. 

“Every time you ask when season 3 is coming out, the release date moves back one day,” they tweeted in June 2021. “See you in 2033!”

But according to showrunner Erick Kripke, production on season 3 is well underway, which means fans will likely get new episodes by the end of 2021 or early 2022. 

“We’re in the middle of shooting,” Kripke told Deadline in a June 2021 interview. “We’re just over the halfway point by a couple of weeks. So, full-on production. It’s all happening. I went through the quarantine and was on set for about three-and-a-half weeks, just in the beginning, to get everybody off and running.”

What to expect from season 3 of ‘The Boys’

Meta dream aside, in his chat with Deadline, Kripke teased on what fans can really expect when The Boys returns for season 3. Without giving away too much, he revealed that the show will highlight more of Vought’s backstory and the company’s history with the government. 

“We’ve been certainly a political and satirical show,” Kripke said. “We were really interested in exploring both the recent history of Vought, the company in the show, but also through that the recent history of the United States. We got really interested in the myths we tell ourselves, to feel that we’re righteous, really exploring America itself as a myth.”