The British Royal Family Loves to Wine and Dine at These Posh Locations

We’ve been fascinated with the British royal family for centuries. We’ve observed and criticized their relationships, tried to emulate their fashion choices, and we’ve certainly clung on to any scandalous royal news, devouring all of the rumors and bits of information at a ravenous pace. Though the royal family is all about privacy, discretion, and just being better than all of us, the advent of the internet and social media have made it much easier for us to keep up with their daily activities.

With large staffs that include chefs and butlers, the royal family typically dine in the privacy of their own estates. However, even the queen likes to let loose and try something new once in a while. Here are all the posh places the royal family loves to wine and dine at.

The Goring

Exterior view of The Goring Hotel

The Goring Hotel | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t typically dine out; she usually reserves that for events and special occasions. However, when the legendary monarch does eat outside of the palace, she tends to do so at luxury London hotspots.

The Goring is a 9-minute walk from Buckingham Palace. The hotel also boasts luxury British cuisine and an award-winning afternoon tea.

NextSome luxury with a twist that’s fit perfectly for a queen


Doormen stand on duty in front of Claridge's Hotel which is lit up for Christmas

Claridge’s | Cate Gillon/Getty Images

Though the queen loves her luxury, she also enjoys it with a twist of modernity. Another one of her favorite spots is Claridge’s. Like The Gorging, Claridge’s is a hotel that offers lovely afternoon tea, but it also has Fera at Claridge’s, which is British cuisine done by the seasons. T

here is also The Fumoir, which is a stunning 1930’s- inspired nook where you can grab drinks and coffee. We doubt the queen dined there though.

NextSometimes even the reigning royals want a little seafood.


When the queen visits Quaglino’s, she will be in perfect company with the rest of the well-dressed clientele. The famous restaurant has live music and delicious seafood, including caviar, oysters, and an array of fish.

Next: Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite restaurant. 


The queen’s most visited restaurant is Bellamy’s. She even dined there recently to celebrate the 90th birthday of her oldest friend, Lady Penn, a former lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother.

We can see why the queen would gravitate toward the flashy restaurant. After all, they are very discreet.

Next: A club similar to the one seen on ‘The Crown’

The Arts Club

If you watched The Crown, you know that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg, loved to frequent, an all-male lunch club. The Arts Club, founded by Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling, might not be the same club Prince Philip went to, but they do have his picture on the wall. The Arts Club is now co-ed, though it’s still members only.

The lower part of the club includes Leo’s, a 1950’s and 1960’s themed supper club and nightclub. Aside from dinner, you can see live music or hear a DJ spin.

Next: Prince Charles’ very own restaurant

The Rothesay Rooms

The Rothesay Rooms

The Rothesay Rooms | BBC Scotland News via Twitter

Prince Charles, the future King of England, loves to dine out so much that he decided to open his own restaurant. The Rothesay Rooms is located in Ballater, Scotland. The restaurant and gift shop is a tribute to Scottish flavors, including duck leg, squash, and shin of beef.

Inspired by the community, The Rothesay Rooms is also decorated in Highland style with antiques and tons of wood throughout the restaurant.

Next: A curry restaurant beloved across the land

Brilliant Restaurant

Brilliant Restaurant

Brilliant Restaurant | Brilliant Restaurant via Twitter

It’s also been well-documented that Prince Carles is a major fan of curry. His favorite place to get the spicy dish is Brilliant Resturant. The London restaurant was named best Punjabi restaurant in 2006, and it has received acclaim from one of the harshest chef critics, Gordon Ramsay.

We’re going to guess that the family-run restaurant has some sensational flavors.

Next: A hotspot for the younger royals


Mahiki bar and club in Kensington, London

Mahiki | Jack Taylor/Getty Images

With world class ambiance and delicious cocktails, it’s clear why Mahiki is beloved among young royals. It was a favorite spot for Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate during their twenties. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie also hang out at the updated foodie spot.

Mahiki is quite pricey, but patrons can partake in treats like beer truffles and native Cornish lobster rolls.

Next: A quaint spot for a perfect Christmas lunch


In 2012, Duchess Kate and Prince William treated their entire staff to Christmas lunch at Bumpkin. The restaurant serves a variety of British cuisine with something for everyone to choose from.

With several locations in England, it’s clearly popular among the Brits in general.

Next: An adorable restaurant fit for a duchess. 


Bluebird Chelsea

Bluebird Chelsea | Bluebird Chelsea via Twitter

Though she may have to choose more kid-friendly settings these days, Duchess Kate adores Bluebird in Chelsea. The gorgeous interior is super inviting, and the food which boasts British cuisine and a yummy cocktail menu keeps the duchess going back time and time again.

Next: A sultry, dark, date night spot. 

Dans Le Noir?

Dans Le Noir? London

Dans Le Noir? London | Dans Le Noir? London via Twitter

We’re not sure if the prince and duchess still visit Dans Le Noir?, but it was a favorite spot of theirs when they were dating. The restaurant has an extremely sexy vibe because the patrons dine in complete darkness and are then served by blind waiters.

With all of their senses cut off, the royal couple would have just been going off of their taste buds. It sounds like some pretty epic date nights if you ask us.

Next: A Caribbean-inspired eatery that Prince Harry loves

The Rum Kitchen

The Rum Kitchen

The Rum Kitchen | The Rum Kitchen via Twitter

Prince Harry has always been known to think outside of the box, and that even extends to food. The 33-year-old has been seen at The Rum Kitchen, a Caribbean-inspired calypso shack, numerous times. The restaurant serves up a variety of foods including, jerk chicken wings, seafood gumbo, and curry mutton.

Located in Nothing Hill, The Rum Kitchen also plays lively music.

Next: The prince’s favorite burger joint

Byron Burger

A Byron burger restaurant sign

Byron | Carl Court/Getty Images

Who doesn’t love burgers and Oreo milkshakes? Apparently, Prince Harry is a major fan, so much so that he visits Byron Burger very regularly. The eatery serves up “proper burgers,” including the Smash Avacado, B-Rex, and the Cheese.

They also offer chicken and veggie options.

Next: An Italian restaurant frequented by a brand new royal

Bocca di Lupo

Though Meghan Markle has only become a permanent resident of London recently, that hasn’t stopped her from hitting up the famous Italian spot, Bocca di Lupo, on numerous occasions.

The restaurant, which opened in 2008, has a constantly changing menu and an extensive wine and dessert list.

Next: The perfect global hot-spot for an undercover romance

Soho House

The front sign of Soho House in SOHO

Soho House | Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

When the prince and his fiancé were trying to keep their relationship on the low, they often hung out at the international members-only club Soho House. Across the globe, the clubs have spas, restaurants, cinemas and everything in between.

It’s not easy to become a member either. You have to apply, and then you have to be nominated by two existing members.

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