The Cast of “High School Musical: The Series” Has Been Revealed and The Internet is Not Happy

High School Musical The Series
High School Musical: The Series Cast | Twitter

It’s been 11 years since the East High Wildcats graced out screens with iconic songs and memorable dance moves.

Since the premiere of High School Musical back in 2006, the movie franchise has found a special place in our hearts and has gone down as one of the best Disney Channel movies to date.

After much speculation of a fourth movie, it has been revealed that High School Musical is making a comeback, but in the form of a television series.

The cast of the series has just been announced and let’s just say, the internet is not happy with Disney’s decision to revive a beloved classic.

Production has officially began

A few months after it was revealed that the fourth installment of the High School Musical franchise will be a television show, production for the series has finally begun.

The 10 episode series will follow a group of students as they prepare for opening night of their school’s very first production of High School Musical.

Production is taking place in Salt Lake City, Utah and will feature brand-new songs as well as acoustic reinterpretations of songs from the original High School Musical movies.

In a recent Twitter post, cast of the new series was officially announced and is set to include, Joshua Bassett, Olivia Rodrigo(Bizaardvark), Kate Reinders (Modern FamilyBeautiful: The Carole King Musical), Sofia Wylie(Andi Mack), Matt Cornett (Bella and the Bulldogs), Dara Renee (Freaky Friday), Julia Lester(Mom), Frankie Rodriguez (Modern Family), Larry Saperstein (Fan Girl), and Mark St. Cyr(Doomsday).

High School Musical fans are not happy

With High School Musical returning to Disney Channel, many fans of the original movies are not happy this is taking place.

Fans of the beloved franchise once sat in awe as they watched Troy and Gabriella dance and sing their way into our hearts.

Many of us still remember every word to Sharpay’s iconic “Fabulous” song and know every single step to “We’re All in This Together.”

Since it was announced that High School Musical would be coming back to Disney Channel, many wondered if our favorite Wildcats would be walking the East High School halls once again.

Our dreams were eventually crushed after it was revealed no one from the original cast would be participating in the series.

Now that the beloved Disney Channel franchise is officially making a comeback, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the series and its brand new cast.

No one knows what to expect

So far, only the cast of High School Musical: The Series has been revealed.

Many are expecting the show to premiere sometime later this year and many do not know whether to love or hate the concept this series has in store.

All fans can expect are show-mances; tested friendships, rivalries, and changed lives; which does not leave fans with much insight.

Even though we are not going to get a chance to see the OG Wildcats belt out songs in the hallways or dance on top of cafeteria tables, we at least have the memories.

And if that’s not enough, we’ll always have Netflix!