‘The Challenge 35’: Jordan Wiseley Confronts Dee Nguyen Over Reneged Deal in Deleted Scene

In The Challenge 35: Total Madness, each contestant must win an elimination to receive a red skull and make the finals. Tori Deal wanted to compete in the first elimination to face the perceived weakest girl in the house. The five-season competitor asked Dee Nguyen, who she felt owed her from last season, to throw her in or threatened to cut off their working relationship. Her fiancé and three-time champ, Jordan Wiseley, confronted Dee himself in a deleted scene.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information revealed in The Challenge 35: Total Madness Episode 2.]

Jordan Wiseley
Jordan Wiseley and Hunter Barfield | Lars Niki

Tori Deal wanted a layup to the final

Former champions Jordan Wiseley and Dee Nguyen returned for The Challenge 35: Total Madness alongside Tori Deal, who barely missed out on the money.

In the second episode, Dee and her team won the daily challenge, placing her in the Tribunal. She wanted to nominate a “strong girl” for elimination to send home rookie Jenn Lee because her ex-fling, Rogan O’Connor, began flirting with the prospect.

Additionally, the Australian-native wanted a tough competitor on her side. Therefore, Dee thought it was a “smart thing” to give the perceived layup to the arguably strongest girl in the house, Jenny West.

However, Tori expressed she wanted to go into the first girls’ elimination so she could easily get her red skull and skate to the finals. She also thought Dee owed her because they developed a friendship while running the final together last season.

After the house nominated Jenn, the ladies talked about the situation, and Dee admitted she would honor Jenny’s wishes first. Upset, Tori informed Jordan that the former champ might not throw her in due to her previous deal with Jenny.

He claimed Dee made a promise to them in Thailand after they “won her the $250,000.” Therefore, the two would end their working relationship with the Australian native if she doesn’t throw Tori into elimination.

In a confessional, Jordan accused Dee of playing a “Wes [Bergmann] game” and noted she “needs to get her priorities straight.”

Dee Nguyen says they ‘never shook hands’ on any promises

Tori then went to talk to Dee and admitted her boyfriend was “pissed” at her. She explained that Jordan feels they won her money last season. Therefore, Dee “owes her.” However, the Australian-native doubled down on her initial promise to Jenny.

The Tribunal selected Tori to interrogate, and she claimed the “slate is clean” for her this season. Nonetheless, she still believes Dee “shouldn’t forget what people have done for you” because Jordan ran the final with her.

The Australian native explained she’s only made promises with Jenny so far, but Tori interrupted and insisted they had deals as well. However, Dee claimed they “never shook hands,” invalidating them. Additionally, she reiterated that the couple is high on her “list,” but stated Jenny comes first.

Jordan Wiseley confronted Dee Nguyen over reneged deal

In a deleted scene, Jordan headed over to Dee’s bed to speak with her after she, alongside two others in the Tribunal, interrogated Tori before Purgatory.

He explained that “basically everything” the two ever said to each other “meant nothing” because they didn’t shake hands on it, referring to the reasoning Dee gave Tori.

While the Australian-native tried to argue the point, Jordan claimed they no longer “got” each other as the two didn’t “shake on it.” Therefore, according to Dee’s logic, “it doesn’t count.”

The former champ told Jordan he was “making this into a big thing,” and she planned on speaking with him after the interrogation. The three-time winner explained he already heard what Dee told Tori and that their deal didn’t count because they “didn’t shake hands.” Therefore, Jenny “supersedes” the couple.

He then asked if she has Tori’s back tonight, and Dee pointed out she “has to get Jenny as well.” The three-time winner asked Jenny her opinion of the situation, and the UK native revealed they spoke around a month before filming.

According to the two-time contestant, she sent Dee a direct message and congratulated her for “smashing the final.” Jenny also told Dee that she’s a “passionate person” and the “main” player she wants on her side for the upcoming season.

The ladies claimed they then shook hands at last season’s reunion. The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.