‘The Challenge’: Fans Think Jenna Compono Should Dump Nany González As Her Friend After Elimination

The Challenge: Total Madness is heating up with broken alliances, personal drama, and intense eliminations. And fans can’t believe Jenna Compono won’t be competing in the final. While Compono got a red skull and her ticket to the end after winning against Tori Deal, she lost her battle to Aneese Ferreira after being thrown in once more. Now, the “Holy Trinity,” aka Nany González, Kailah Casillas, and Compono, only has one remaining — and it’s González.

Compono and González are good friends outside of The Challenge. After episode 9, though, many think González showed she didn’t have Compono’s best interests at heart. Now, they’re calling for Compono to dump González as her friend.

Jenna Compono said she was ready to leave after her fight with Zach Nichols

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Compono and Zach Nichols met on the show and have been together for years. But on Total Madness, we saw Nichols accuse Compono of cheating on him. He admitted he went through her direct messages and saw flirty texts from other men received years ago. While Compono maintains the texts were received while she and Nichols were on a break, Nichols didn’t believe it. And he demanded she leave the show and come home to prove her innocence.

Compono didn’t want to leave The Challenge, of course, so she fought in two elimination rounds to stay. While she was eliminated after her battle against Ferreira, she also admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she was considering quitting, but González stopped her.

“I actually did pack my suitcase. I had it all packed and ready to leave and then Nany [González] told me, ‘Just think about it until the morning,'” Compono told the publication. “She was the one that kept saying, ‘You’re going to watch this and you’re going to regret this in a few months when it airs.'”

Nany González seemed ready for Compono to leave

Nany González from MTV's 'The Challenge'
Nany González from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ | Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Given what Compono told González, it seems González was quite supportive of her during this difficult time. But fans saw another side of González on the show. While González wanted Compono to fight for her spot on the show and prove she wanted to be there, she seemed fed up with her constant drama with Nichols.

After Compono was sent packing, González told producers that she’ll miss her friend in the house, but it’s actually better for her own game that Compono goes home.

“As much as I loved having Jenna here in this game, Jenna never wanted to be here anyways, so, it’s almost kind of better that she goes home, tries to fix her relationship with Zach, and I can continue to play my game and do what’s best for me,” González noted.

Not only that, but González also told her social media followers that Compono made a deal off-camera with Wes Bergmann asking to be sent into elimination again. González noted this is why she seemed “angry” at Compono. “That’s 100% a fact. Cameras don’t catch everything,” she wrote.

‘Challenge’ fans think Compono should dump her friendship with González

Fans aren’t happy with González’s reaction to Compono exiting the show. And they shared their opinions on Compono’s Instagram.

One follower commented, “the way she was talking about her last night i was like…… girl is she your friend or not.”

“I believe Nany orchestrated Jenna going in,” another wrote. “She could’ve stopped it but it’s obvious she wanted her in.”

“You’re awesome! After watching last nights episode i hope you realize that Nany isn’t your friend,” yet another added.

To that last comment, one of González’s supporters threw Compono under the bus, though. “Nany IS her friend,” the follower noted. “Jenna asked Wes to be put in and then she ‘gassed out.’ Nany has EVERY RIGHT to be mad Jenna is the bogus one.”

Compono is backing up González on her Twitter after the backlash, though. “By the way Nany tried to keep me out of elimination,” she tweeted. “IM the one who wasn’t worried about going in again if I had go. Nany was ONE vote in the tribunal it wasn’t her fault at all. So leave her alone.”

We’re glad González and the “Barbie Beast” still seem to be friends despite all the hate. We’ll have to wait and see if González can make it to the end.

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