‘The Challenge’: Fans Think Rogan O’Connor’s Behavior Toward Dee Nguyen Was ‘Disgusting’

[Spoiler alert: Winners of Season 34, The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, announced.]

We’ve been keeping up with MTV’s The Challenge for years, and it’s hard to believe we’re already finished with Season 34, War of the Worlds 2.

This past season, we saw returning vets, like Cara Maria Sorbello and Chris Tamburello, compete against each other in a battle for $1 million. And while many were focused on the players who’ve been on the small screen for over 10 seasons, we can’t forget there was a new showmance to watch. U.K. relative-newcomer Rogan O’Connor and Australia-native Dee Nguyen appeared to fall in love. But at the reunion for the show, O’Connor’s true colors were exposed.

Here’s what O’Connor said about his relationship with Nguyen and why fans of the show are dragging him.

Rogan O’Connor appeared to lead Dee Nguyen on throughout the season

Love is hard, especially when it blossoms on reality TV. Both O’Connor and Nguyen were on the U.K. team for War of the Worlds 2, and they even ended up running a final and winning a quarter of $1 million each. Unfortunately, their relationship hit plenty of severe bumps along the way — and O’Connor appeared to lead Nguyen on without having any real and lasting feelings for her.

All was revealed during the War of the Worlds 2 finale. A clip from early on in the season showed O’Connor talking to fellow contestant and ally Paulie Calafiore.

“What’s going on with you and Dee?” Calafiore asked O’Connor.

“I’m bored. Bro, I just come out of like, a three-and-a-half-year relationship,” O’Connor answered. “So I come here to have fun. I was like, I’m a come here, I’m single. I’m a do bits here, I’m a do bits there.”

Nguyen was hurt by O’Connor’s comments

Nguyen watched the clip of O’Connor talking Calafiore, and it didn’t sit well with her, of course. The clip included Calafiore suggesting to O’Connor that he should continue seeing Nguyen so she wouldn’t flip on their alliance. And O’Connor also admitted that he wanted to pursue romances with other challenge contestants.

“I’m loyal to a fault, and I rode with you guys, and to see you guys talk about me behind my back like that, that f***ing sucks,” Nguyen told O’Connor and Calafiore during the reunion. As for O’Connor showing interest in challenger Nany González, Nguyen also said she didn’t know about that when she first developed feelings for her on-screen boyfriend. 

Challenge fans aren’t happy with O’Connor

The looks on all the other Challenge contestants’ faces said it all: They were disappointed in the discussion that took place between O’Connor and Calafiore regarding Nguyen. And fans also flocked to the YouTube comments to speak their peace.

One YouTuber wrote, “it was disgusting hearing paulie tell rogan to keep sleeping with dee just to secure a number on his side and rogan was eating it up. such dogs both of them !”

Another commented, “It seems to me that English ‘boys’ treat women like crap! Dee is beautiful and deserves better. Cut and run Dee, this boy is a loser!”

And others are flocking to Nguyen’s Instagram to remind her she’s worth so much more than how O’Connor treated her.

“Dee stop being loyal to rogan he doesn’t care,” one of her Instagram followers commented on her photo of her with the other Challenge ladies.

Another wrote, “I just have to say, there’s a point where you dont have to be loyal to someone who disrespects you. You deserve better, don’t let them take you for granted.”

We’re hoping O’Connor learned his lesson for any future seasons he’ll appear on. For now, we’re happy Nguyen received some cash at the end, and we’re looking forward to her bright future!

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