‘The Challenge’ Season 35 Spoilers: Who Made It to the Finals?

Ashley Mitchell on Team USA for The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 was the only player in the finals (on her team) who faced an elimination that season. Therefore, in The Challenge Season 35, every competitor must win an elimination round to advance to the finals. So who’s in the rumored top 10?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Challenge Season 35. The information is speculative and sourced from PinkRose on Vevmo and MTVChallengeInsider on Instagram.]

The Challenge 35 Big Brother
Back row, L-R: Angie Lantry, Brett Robinson, Steve Arienta(sitting), Sam Bledsoe, Chris Williams, Rachel Swindler, Faysal Shafaat, JC Monduix, Scottie Salton (sitting), Tyler Crispen; middle row: L_R: Winston Hines, Bayleigh Dayton, Angela Rummans, Kaycee Clark; front row laying down, L-R: Haleigh Broucher. and Kaitlyn Herman | Sonja Flemming

‘The Challenge’ Season 35 rumored name, location, and theme

Reportedly, the name for The Challenge Season 35 is “Battle for Independence,” and it’s filming in Prague, Czech Republic. For the first time since 2017’s The Challenge: Dirty 30, the contestants compete individually.

However, they are also living in an underground shelter, only have outside Port-O-Potties for bathrooms, and must win an elimination to advance to the final.

‘The Challenge’ Season 35 rumored beefs and love connections

Allegedly, former Amazing Race contestant Jennifer Lee had drama with veteran Dee Nguyen, Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez reportedly got into a massive blowout with UK star Melissa Reeves, and rookie Bayleigh Dayton supposedly got into it with vet Aneesa Ferreira.

Additionally, U.K. native Tula “Big T” Fazakerley reportedly cut her foot during an argument with Floribama Shore newcomer Mattie Breux, disqualifying herself from the competition because she had to get stitches.

On the other hand, recent winners Rogan O’Connor and Nguyen allegedly rekindled their love connection during The Challenge Season 35. During War of the Worlds 2, the Australia native admitted she fell in love with O’Connor but accused him of using her when he wanted to throw her into elimination. She also claimed he broke her heart.

Veteran Kailah Casillas allegedly cheated on her longtime boyfriend with Stephen Bear during the season and then continued the relationship after their elimination.

Bear has posted Casillas on his Instagram story several times since they’ve left the show of them enjoying each other’s company in Bear’s hometown.

‘The Challenge’ Season 35 rumored top 10 revealed

The top 10 contestants reportedly flew to Austria to compete in the finals.

Here are the competitors: Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat (rookie), Cory Warton, (eighth Challenge, third final), Nelson Thomas (sixth Challenge, second final), Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio (20th Challenge, ninth final), Kyle Christie (fifth Challenge, second final), Jenny West (second Challenge, first final), Kaycee Clark (rookie), O’Connor (second Challenge, second final), Dayton (rookie), Reeves (third Challenge, first final), and Nguyen (third Challenge, second final).

The Australia native and Thomas are the next two who have been reportedly eliminated, though it is not clear who sent them packing as of yet.

Surprisingly, three out of the four Big Brother 20 rookie competitors have made it to the finals, with all of them taking out huge Challenge vets. For example, Shafaat took out Jordan Wiseley, who has won three out of his last four Challenges and has arguably one of the best elimination records, in Pole Wrestle. Wiseley also reportedly dislocated his shoulder in the match.

Dayton eliminated Ferreira, who is one of the strongest women the show has seen, and Clark sent physical vet Casillas home. The other Big Brother rookie, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, went home right before the finals when he lost in an elimination round to Warton.

The Challenge Season 35 will premiere in 2020.