‘The Challenge’ Season 35 Spoilers: The Male and Female Winner Revealed

The Challenge Season 35 filmed in Prague, Czech Republic, and Austria Alps from October 22 until December 13, when a few inside sources revealed the winners.

The show also included seven rookies, four from Big Brother 20, who competed very well. However, the crown stayed with Challenge veterans: one who hasn’t had much screen time until this season and a competitor who is almost synonymous with the Challenge.

The Challenge Johnny Bananas
Jordan Wiseley, Paula Meronek, Marlon Williams, Emily Schromm, Frank Sweeney, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Cara Maria Sorbello, Ryan Knight, Preston Roberson-Charles, Diem Brown, Aneesa Ferreira, Chris Tamburello, Jemmye Carroll, Camila Nakagawa, and Wes Bergmann | Mike Coppola

Who are the winners?


‘The Challenge’ 35 filming location and theme

TJ Lavin will return to host the 35th season of The Challenge in Prague, Czech Republic. Following War of the Worlds 2, the installment is currently named Battle for Independence, but that could change at any time.

Not only is it an individual season, but the competitors must live in an underground shelter with Port-O-Potties located outside. Additionally, for the first time in the franchise’s history, the contestants must win an elimination to secure their spot in the final.

The twist forces the competitors to actually compete, unlike last season, when Ashley Mitchell was the only person from Team USA to go into elimination before the finals.

‘The Challenge’ 35 elimination matchups

The following contestants were eliminated before making it to the finals:

Jennifer Lee (rookie) – eliminated by Jenny West

Asaf Goren (rookie) – eliminated by Jay Starret

Ashley Mitchell (sixth Challenge, two wins) – eliminated by Dee Nguyen

Chris “CT” Tamburello (17th Challenge, three wins) – eliminated by Jay Starret

Tori Deal (fourth Challenge) – eliminated by Jenna Compono

Jay Starret (rookie) – eliminated by Rogan O’Connor

Tula “Big T” (second Challenge) – disqualified after hurting her foot during an argument with Mattie Breaux

Stephen Bear (third Challenge) – eliminated by Nelson Thomas

Jenna Compono (seventh Challenge) – eliminated by Aneesa Ferreira

Jordan Wiseley (sixth Challenge, three wins) – eliminated by Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat

Kailah Casillas (fifth Challenge) – eliminated by Kaycee Clark

Wes Bergmann (13th Challenge, two wins) – eliminated by Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio

Mattie Lynn Breaux (second Challenge) – eliminated by Dee Nguyen

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams (rookie) – eliminated by Cory Wharton

Nany Gonzalez (ninth Challenge) – eliminated by Melissa Reeves

Josh Martinez (third Challenge) – eliminated by Kyle Christie

Aneesa Ferreira (13th Challenge) – eliminated by Bayleigh Dayton

Nelson Thomas (sixth Challenge) – not yet revealed

Dee Nguyen (third Challenge, one win) – eliminated by Jenny West

‘The Challenge’ 35 male and female winner

The remaining contestants then traveled to the Austria Alps to compete for the top prize. Here are the placements:

Rogan O’Connor – eliminated in the finals

4th place: Melissa Reeves (third Challenge) and Fessy Shafaat (rookie). Reeves did not complete the final.

3rd place: Bayleigh Dayton (rookie) and Cory Wharton (seventh Challenge). Dayton injured herself during the final and did not finish.

2nd place: Kaycee Clark (rookie) and Kyle Christie (fifth Challenge).

Two-time competitor Jenny West and six-time champion Johnny Bananas are the winners of The Challenge Season 35. After 20 seasons of competing on the franchise, Bananas has made it to the finals nine times and won seven of them.

The Challenge Season 35 will most likely premiere on MTV around February 2020.