Get To Know the Rookies on MTV’s ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2’ Cast

The 34th season of The Challenge premiered on Wednesday, August 28, and there are already fights, hookups, and alliances forming. For the first time, there are no American rookies this season. However, there are several rookies on Team U.K. who have impressive athletic backgrounds but haven’t proven themselves on The Challenge yet.

Keep reading to learn more about this season’s rookies.

The Challenge rookies
Idris Virgo | James Chance/Getty Images

Idris Virgo

From Birmingham, England, Virgo competed as a professional boxer before appearing Love Island Series 4. He only lasted four days in the villa before getting dumped. Therefore, he brought his physical talents to The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 with the hopes of winning enough money to take care of his mom.

In the premiere episode, the tribunal chose Virgo to compete against Sean Lineker in the Proving Ground. He beat Lineker 2-0 in Pole Wrestle and then asked the other competitors if he entertained them. 

Esther Falana

The Team U.K. rookie is most known from her participation on BK Chat, an unscripted online debate show. She received backlash while appearing on the show because some people claimed she wore too much makeup and agreed with the men for attention.

Outside of the web series, Falana is a single mother and works as a property assessor for homeless people. Additionally, she owns a makeup artist business and sells hair extensions. Falana signed up for The Challenge to win extra money to help fuel her businesses and support her daughter.

Jennifer “Jenny” West

Already considered a massive threat because of her bodybuilding background, the England-native originally appeared on Survival of the Fittest. In the ITV2 series, she competed in several mental and physical challenges and won the show.

Before participating in the series, she was well-known on social media with her twin sister for their fitness posts. If West has a good social game on top of her athletic ability, she could go far this season.

Nicole Bass

Originally from Essex, England, Bass appeared on The Only Way is Essex for two seasons and Ex on the Beach UK Series 6 as Josh Ritchie’s ex. She arrived on the beach during the first episode and lasted the entire show without being voted out.

However, she didn’t find love with Sam Mucklow and has entered The Challenge alongside her best friend, Georgia Harrison. Last season, Harrison made it to the finals as a rookie. Now, the two girls hope to make it to the end together so Bass can win enough money to help support her family.

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley

The Shipwrecked star revealed how she got her nickname on The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 premiere. After getting tired of people underestimating her because of her height, she wanted to be seen and heard, and started calling herself “Big T.”

She also overcame a difficult background and signed up for The Challenge to prove herself.

Sean Lineker

Also from Shipwrecked, the London-native won the British television series where contestants had to battle each other from separate islands to win a cash prize. He went on The Challenge, hoping his experience would take him far.

During the premiere episode, his fellow UK team chose to send him to the Proving Ground. Even though he asked The Tribunal (Jordan Wisely, Laurel Stucky, and Wes Bergmann) that he wanted to battle Stephen Bear, they chose Virgo.

The professional boxer beat him 2-0, sending the Shipwrecked winner home first. Keep watching The Challenge Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.