‘The Chi’: Fans React to Douda’s Shooter, Many ‘Didn’t See It Coming’

During The Chi season 4, an unknown assailant shot Douda on the rooftop of his event. While several viewers assumed the shooter was one of the many who disagreed with the new mayor’s decisions, it ended up being someone fans “didn’t see coming.”

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Otis ‘Douda’ Perry shot during ‘The Chi’ season 4

Pizza parlor owner and 63rd Street Mob head Otis “Douda” Perry initially met aspiring chef Brandon through one of his gang members, Reg. The street soldier recommended they begin cleaning money through Brandon’s food truck, to which Douda agreed.

Even though Brandon jumped at the opportunity to work with him, detectives successfully flipped him, and he turned on Douda. During the season 3 premiere, Brandon’s mom, Laverne, spoke at her son’s funeral and couldn’t wait to leave the city she blamed for taking both of her sons.

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At one point, Douda gave his condolences to Laverne, who didn’t seem to want them before she and her husband relocated. The pizza parlor owner with a shady past went on to run for mayor and won.

However, he made decisions right after taking office that many people disagreed with, including his wife and team, which several viewers thought led to his shooting.

Brandon’s mom revealed as the shooter

Douda asked community leader and love interest Tracy to meet him on the rooftop during a gala event. However, he was shot by an unknown assailant before she made it out there.

As the mayor lay on the ground, suffering from his wound, Laverne stood over him and explained she felt he didn’t deserve to live anymore because he took one of her reasons to live, Brandon.

After she left, Douda’s wife Roselyn found him and immediately called for help, who rushed him to the hospital. As he initially needed a ventilator to breathe, his wife eagerly took over his political duties.

At one point, Douda revealed the identity of his shooter and admitted he did kill or have Brandon killed because he discovered the aspiring chef began working with the authorities.

Many fans didn’t see it coming

Before the reveal, many viewers thought it was his wife who disagreed with how he ran things, a political campaign staffer who he rudely told off, Trig’s girlfriend Imani as she wanted him to shut down a trap house filled with sex workers, or any of the other several people who had issues with Douda.

However, almost no one guessed Laverne as the shooter because she hasn’t appeared in the fourth season. One fan wrote on Reddit, “I completely forgot about her,” but noted they were “glad it was her and not a random person.”

Someone else agreed, writing they also “didn’t see it coming” but enjoyed Laverne’s actor Sonja Sohn returning and felt “Brandon deserved to have his murder avenged.”

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While one user noted they didn’t understand how the mom knew about the gala as she’s been out of town, another Redditor pointed out Roselyn or Tracy, who knew Laverne through R.O.C.K., could’ve told the grieving mother about Douda’s “involvement” in Brandon’s murder.

Others didn’t like the reveal because they felt it was too random and “came out of nowhere,” which ruined the “plot twist” for them. The Chi airs Sundays at 9/8 Central on Showtime.