The Cloud 9 Employees Try Their Best to Help Mateo in the Newest Episode of ‘Superstore’

Superstore recently returned for its fifth season. Season 4 of the show ended with Mateo being taking away by I.C.E. The newest episode of Superstore, “Testimonials,” shows the Cloud 9 employees doing their best to help Mateo while he awaits his deportation hearing. Warning, this article contains spoilers for the newest episode of Superstore.

Superstore employees Mateo
‘Superstore’ cast | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The characters in ‘Superstore’ provide testimonies for Mateo

In an attempt for Mateo to be released on bond before his hearing, the employees of Cloud 9 are asked to provide character testimonies for Mateo. While Amy tells the lawyer that Mateo is an integral employee, the other characters struggle with coming up with positive stories.

Characters know Mateo for his sass and ability to roast the customers and employees of Cloud 9. Unfortunately, those are the only stories the characters think to tell the lawyer. The testimonies are so unhelpful, the lawyer does not bother writing them down.

In the episode of Superstore, other characters are preoccupied with things besides Mateo. Sandra thinks Dina will throw her an engagement party despite Dina repeatedly telling her she will not. Marcus and Glenn compete for Mateo’s locker in the break room.

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Amy asks the employees of Cloud 9 to lie in the new ‘Superstore’ episode

After realizing the employees are not helping Mateo’s chances of being released, Amy asks them to lie to the lawyer. Because Superstore is a comedy, this means the characters put a humorous spin on their lies. Garrett uses the plot of a movie to describe Mateo and Cheyenne lies that Mateo is the only witness for an unknown murder.

In the ‘Superstore’ episode, Amy and Jeff find a way to help Mateo

During the episode, Amy and Mateo’s ex-boyfriend, Jeff, are told that I.C.E. is not allowed to conduct raids “during a labor dispute.” If Amy and Jeff can find proof that corporate ordered the raid because Cloud 9 planned to unionize, they can help Mateo’s chances of being released. They assure the lawyer they can get proof; even though corporate denied being behind I.C.E. coming to the store in the first episode of the season.

Amy attempts to get proof by pretending to work for I.C.E., but is unsuccessful. Jeff is told that he can testify since he was present in the meeting corporate ordered the raid. However, Jeff decides he will not testify.

In past seasons, Jeff always chose his position at corporate over helping Mateo and the other Cloud 9 employees. This is the reason Mateo breaks up with Jeff. At first, it seems Jeff will remain a bystander to protect his job as he always does.

Jeff decides to testify to help Mateo

Jeff tells Amy he can’t afford to lose his job, especially since Mateo’s release is not a gaurantee. As Jeff and Amy argue, Cheyenne brings the contents of Mateo’s locker to Amy. She asks if they should give all of it to Mateo’s family, and then Jeff notices something in the box.

Jeff realizes Mateo still had a picture of the two of them hanging in his locker. It’s clear to viewers that Jeff still has feelings for Mateo. Jeff was the one who warned Amy corporate sent I.C.E. to the store, knowing Mateo was undocumented.

With the picture, Jeff realizes Mateo still has feelings for him as well. He agrees to testify. As soon as he leaves the room, it’s revealed Cheyenne printed out the picture and pretended it was in Mateo’s locker.

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Mateo is released at the end of the ‘Superstore’ episode

Viewers do not see Jeff testify against corporate in the Superstore episode, but at the end of the episode Mateo is seen attending Sandra’s engagement party. When Sandra realizes he is there, she runs up and gives him a hug. Glenn comments how relieved he is that the ordeal is over, but Mateo tells him it unfortunately is not.

Mateo has to wear an ankle monitor and does not know if he will be deported. For now, Mateo is out of the detention center, but there are still a lot of unknowns in his future. Still, fans were relieved to see Mateo was released on bond.

“Omg when I saw Mateo I screamed! #Superstore,” one fan wrote.