The ‘Coming 2 America’ Trailer Teases All the Characters Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall Will Play

Coming to America hit theaters in 1988 and became a comedy classic. Now, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall are back in multiple roles for the sequel, Coming 2 America. And based on the first trailer for the film, it appears that fans are in for another hilarious ride.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall of 'Coming 2 America'
Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall of ‘Coming 2 America’ | JB Lacroix/WireImage

‘Coming 2 America’ brings back fan-favorite characters from ‘Coming to America’ 

Coming to America follows the journey of Prince Akeem, the idealistic heir of Zamunda looking for true love. And where better to find his royal soulmate than in Queens, New York? 

With his father King Jaffe Joffer none the wiser, Akeem sets out on his quest accompanied by his loyal companion Semmi. Coming to America is a classic fish out of water story with an eclectic cast of characters. And, as seen in the trailer, many of the fan-favorites have returned for the second installment.

In Coming 2 America, superstar Murphy is back in the role of Prince Akeem, but this time, he is searching for his long-lost son. Reprising his role as Semmi, Hall is by Murphy’s side to conjure comedy gold. To the delight of fans, James Earl Jones again dons the crown as King Jaffe Joffer and Shari Headley shines as Akeem’s ladylove, Lisa McDowell. The trailer also gives viewers a glimpse of Garcelle Beauvais as Rose, the royal flower bearer.

There are also a few stars of the original movie who do not pop up in the trailer but are indeed returning for the sequel, according to IMDb. Audiences can look forward to seeing Louie Anderson as Maurice, John Amos as Cleo McDowell, and Vanessa Bell Calloway as Imani Izzi, Akeem’s jilted fiance.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall appear in multiple roles again

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Aside from their main parts as Akeem and Semmi, Murphy and Hall will again appear in multiple roles. The Coming 2 America trailer teases the various characters they will bring to life on screen.

Through the magic of movie studio make-up, Murphy will again play the barber, the witty customer in the barbershop, Randy Watson of the Sexual Chocolate band, and more. Hall will also work overtime as the other barber, Reverend Brown, and a new character seen in the trailer.

New stars are added to the mix in the sequel

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Alongside the returning cast members, a few new faces join the sequel. Jermaine Fowler plays Akeem’s son Lavelle. Saturday Night Live alums Leslie Jones and Tracy Morgan will originate the roles of Lavelle’s mother and her significant other, Reem.

Also new to the series is Teyana Taylor, seen in the trailer packing serious heat. And, as General Izzi, action star Wesley Snipes gets to flex his comedic muscles, as featured in the preview.

‘Coming 2 America’ will drop in 2021

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Comedy lovers who have waited over 30 years for a Coming to America sequel will not have to wait much longer. Coming 2 America will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 5, 2021. It is anyone’s guess how the story will unfold, but with a roster of rock-star talent on board, something tells us it will be nothing short of popcorn-worthy entertainment.

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