‘The Conners’: Who’s Returning for Season 2?

ABC’s breakout hit show The Conners was one of the most surprising second acts of 2018. The show follows the daily struggles of the working-class Conner family, who are forced to confront the harshness of reality when their matriarch, Roseanne Conner suddenly passes away.

Although the show was initially conceived as a way for the cast to continue on television, following the sudden firing of series creator Roseanne Barr, after her infamously racist May 2018 tweets, the show was a hit with fans. It looks like followers of the show will be getting their wish because big news about The Conners was just released. 

Which cast members are returning for the second season?

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A recent report claims that not only will The Conners be returning for a second season, but that even more episodes are planned for the upcoming season. Season one, which premiered in October 2018, featured 11 total episodes. Season two will include 13 episodes, and will likely expand even more on the various family dynamics the series started to explore in the first season.

All the main cast members are slated to make a return, including fan favorite John Goodman as family patriarch Dan Conner, Laurie Metcalf as Jackie Harris, Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner-Healy, and Lecy Goranson as Becky Conner. Ames McNamara, who plays Mark Conner-Healy, Darlene’s son, will also be returning for the second season.

Main cast members are receiving pay increases

John Goodman in The Conners
John Goodman in The Conners | Robert Trachtenberg/ABC via Getty Images

Sara Gilbert, who was widely praised for getting the series reboot off the ground, has become most closely identified with the character of Darlene than with possibly any other role in her career, and John Goodman, even with his impressive resume in both television and film, will likely always be well-known for his heartwarming, realistic portrayal of Dan Conner. The renewal report also states that the main cast members will be receiving a substantial pay increase during the second season, likely in response to the show’s surprising popularity.

Who will not be making a comeback?

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Although most of the show’s familiar faces are guaranteed to return, there were a few surprising omissions from the renewal announcement. Michael Fishman, who plays D.J. on the show, Emma Kenney, who plays Darlene and David’s daughter, and Maya Lynn Robinson, who plays D.J.’s wife, were not included in the cast listing for the second season. Another favorite character who is not yet confirmed for a spot on the show – Johnny Galecki, who plays David Healy, Darlene’s estranged husband. Galecki, who is best known for his longtime role on The Big Bang Theory, has admitted to having a deep emotional attachment to the character of David Healy, and will likely make himself available should the opportunity arise to appear on the show.

Don’t lose hope for other Conners

Another thing for fans to keep in mind regarding these “missing” cast members – just because they haven’t been listed in the official cast report as regular cast members doesn’t mean that they won’t appear on the show often as guest stars. Producers of The Conners will likely want to keep a few surprises up their sleeve as a treat for viewers. Plus, as the premiere date for season two gets closer, more news might be released about new cast additions and guest star updates.

ABC hasn’t released word on when the highly anticipated second season will premiere, but fans will be eagerly watching and waiting for any news about their favorite blue-collar television family. One thing’s for sure – despite its controversial beginnings, The Conners has proven that there is still a place on television for an old-fashioned show that centers around the harsh reality of everyday life, and how the love of a family can help anyone overcome adversity.