The Craziest Baby Sussex Conspiracy Theories We Now Know Are Completely Wrong

Much of the media (including us) are doing our apology tours after thinking Baby Sussex was going to arrive on Easter Weekend. Well, unless Harry and Meghan are still keeping the birth under wraps, it looks like the royal baby is still waiting to enter the world as of this writing.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle rumors are everywhere | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

In the meantime, numerous crazy conspiracy theories have been popping up about what’s going on behind the scenes. The more lulls we get in the birth of Baby Sussex, the more this continually happens. For the royals, conspiracies are a surreal and expected part of life as a circumstance of the public never being privy to the truth.

Take a minute to see what the craziest theories are so we can weed out what’s real.

The biggest conspiracy is that Baby Sussex was already born

Now to Love recently posted a piece about some of the wildest royal baby conspiracies they’ve seen on social media. They didn’t call anyone out in particular but noted how many anonymous people on Twitter and Instagram think Baby Sussex has already been born in April. One even claimed to be an insider by saying Meghan gave birth to a boy named “James.”

Yours truly has even posited such a theory on Twitter, though only in jest. You have to wonder if anyone suggesting such a thing on social media is doing it as satire with complete awareness conspiracy theories are crazy most of the time.

Regardless, a small percentage still exists saying maybe the birth has already happened. If it did, we couldn’t possibly blame Harry and Meghan for keeping it secret until they’re ready to make an official announcement. With the paparazzi a ravenous monster waiting to pounce at the first pics of the baby, we have to remember the royal couple has to treat this situation with major strategy to avoid utter chaos.

Thinking the baby is already born is probably wrong, yet it’s far from the only conspiracy that keeps coming up.

Everyone freaked out when ambulances were seen on their property

In late April, another conspiracy grew legs when an ambulance was seen driving into the grounds of Frogmore Cottage. Everyone thought this was a sure sign Meghan had either given birth and needed medical attention, or was about to.

It turned out it was just a training vehicle for something unrelated to the royals. You’d think the supposed security in the area would have known this and diverted an ambulance so the public wouldn’t go into a frenzy. Then again, maybe there really is a conspiracy with Harry and Meghan setting up the ambulance to throw people off the trail.

No, let’s not go there.

Meghan hasn’t been seen for a month, creating even more rumoring

While it’s true Meghan has been out of the public eye for a month now (even longer than Kate Middleton was before giving birth), it’s added further fuel to the conspiracy fire. Again, we can’t blame her for wanting to disappear, which even led us to recently think Harry and Meghan were running away from everybody.

Let’s reiterate we can’t chastise her for bowing out of the public eye this long due to the media intensity. Certainly, she knows, though, the longer the silence goes, the more the public starts broadening their imaginations to invent weird scenarios for what’s going on.

All the oddballs on social media claiming they know something will only grow in the coming days the longer no one hears anything. After a recent sighting of escorted private police cars in the area (with pink blankets in the back windows), every little unusual thing sends everyone into a scramble.

We more or less join all the Twitter memes that show us becoming old waiting for Baby Sussex to arrive. Once it does happen, we’ll probably be wishing we were back where we are now when the paparazzi turns into a form of media Godzilla.