The Craziest Royal Family Rumors You Should Stop Believing

England’s most famous family is no stranger to rumors. Some of the gossip turns out to be true, like Prince Charles’ affair with his now-wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. But other rumors have been debunked, denied, or just plain ignored. These are the craziest royal rumors you need to stop believing. 

Kate Middleton used a surrogate

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge watch Wimbledon 2019.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge watch Wimbledon 2019. | Karwai Tang/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge and mother to three never seems to have a problem losing the baby weight. This is likely why a Russian newspaper suggested Kate Middleton did not give birth to Princess Charlotte but instead used a surrogate.

According to the report, Middleton used a fake baby bump during her public outings. An alternative story: The duchess indeed gave birth to Charlotte but did so several days before her supposed birthday. The story is widely viewed as false.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a secret child

According to The Globe, Prince William and Prince Harry have an older sister. One who was born via surrogate and jumps ahead of them in line for the thrown. As the story goes, prior to Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s engagement, Queen Elizabeth ordered Diana Spencer, the then-future Princess of Wales, to undergo testing to see if she could bear children.

Spencer was, but as it turns out, a doctor stole the embryos and implanted them in his wife. “Sara” was born nine months later and now resides in the U.S. If this one sounds like it was a complete lie made up by tabloids, it’s because it was. 

Archie is not Harry’s son

The latest rumor, alleging that Prince Harry is not the father of Archie Harrison came via The Globe just two weeks after Archie’s birth. The article claimed the couple received results from a DNA test just days before the birth confirming that Harry was not Archie’s father.

The first problem with this rumor: It’s unlikely the royal family would’ve conducted a DNA test, let alone only receive the results days before the birth. The second problem: Archie looks exactly like Prince Harry. Sorry, Globe, we’re not buying this one. 

Prince Charles will never become King

This one likely has roots in the bitter taste many Englanders still have from the Prince of Wales. Though Prince Charles is next in line to become king when Queen Elizabeth passes (or steps down), a royal butler who used to work for Princess Diana thinks this will never happen.

Paul Burrell thinks Prince Charles will “do the right thing” and abdicate the throne, leaving Prince William in charge. If this one’s true, no one told the royal family; they still list Prince Charles as next in line to the throne

Queen Elizabeth I was a man

The rumor that Queen Elizabeth I was actually a man originated over 400 years ago. According to legend, Princess Elizabeth stayed at the Overcourt House in Bisley while her father was away, but quickly became ill and died within hours. Fearful they would suffer punishment from King Henry, her caretakers had a local boy pretend to be Elizabeth.

Believers of this tale cite Queen Elizabeth’s strong leadership and high intelligence. This rumor, though technically never proven false, has long been considered misogynistic and untrue.  

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage is a scam aimed at Britain taking control of the U.S.

So much for true love. In November 2017, Editor Greg Pollowitz made a tweet that claimed the UK had goals of taking over the United States. He wrote, “Prince Harry’s kids will be Americans. What if one grows up to be president and is in line for the throne at the same time? Brits are playing long-ball here, but it’s a smart move. They want America back and this is how they’ll do it.”

The Tweet received over 120,000 retweets and over 450,000 likes. Of course, the royal family has not responded. But it’s safe to say this one’s 100% false. 

The royal family is part of the Illuminati

The Illuminati is a supposed secret society made up of the richest, powerful people who control the world in one way or another. Conspiracy theorist David Icke believes the royal family is a part of the Illuminati and as such, they are descendants of reptilian alien/human hybrids.

Icke says years of research and interviews with witnesses led to this belief. We’re not saying whether this one’s true; we’re just saying we’ve never seen the queen’s green scales. 

The royal family played a role in Princess Diana’s death

This rumor has circulated ever since the princess’s untimely death in 1997. Though she died in a car accident, many claimed the events leading to her death don’t add up. One of the main conspiracies believes Princess Diana’s death was not an accident, but instead orchestrated by the royal family.

Supporting the theory, followers point to a letter written by Diana, where she revealed she feared she’d be in a horrible accident. The accident was extensively investigated, with officials pointing to the driver’s intoxication as the main cause. 

The royal family doesn’t work

Prince William and Kate Middleton both hold college degrees. Kate worked briefly as a buyer and William flew for the East Anglian air ambulance. Prince Harry had a decorated career as a serviceman with two deployments in Afghanistan. The queen is a trained mechanic, and the Prince of Wales is a filmmaker. 

Meghan Markle is a robot

We can’t make this stuff up, but someone did. The rumor started when a wax figurine of the duchess was seen in the audience of Britain’s Got Talent. The figure was revealed as such, so this should’ve been the end of it.

Apparently not. In addition to being a robot, Meghan Markle is accused of being a secret agent. But these rumors put her in good company with Prince Charles (reportedly an alien) and Queen Elizabeth (a shapeshifting alien). 

Prince Harry isn’t Charles’ son

There’s a reason the name James Hewitt began trending on Twitter shortly after Archie Harrison was born. Princess Diana admitted to having an affair with Hewitt, and many royal followers believe he is Prince Harry’s actual father.

Besides the affair, believers point to their shared hair color and similar facial features. When asked whether he was Prince Harry’s father, Hewitt responded, “No. I am not.” When asked why he thinks the rumors continue, he said, “It sells papers.”

Meghan Markle used a surrogate

It seems that some people just can’t believe members of the royal family actually give birth to their own children. This rumor gained a following, with many people claiming the duchess’s constant belly-cradling proved her pregnancy was fake.

Believers even claimed to know who the surrogate was, with Meghan’s stylist Talia Brown Thall a leading candidate. How far did the rumor go? At one point it’s estimated that 16% of all tweets related to Markle’s pregnancy include terms related to the pregnancy being fake. 

Kate Middleton loves almond milk

In the big scheme of things, Kate Middleton’s food preferences are not a big deal. But this rumor goes to show that the gossip mills will make up anything. InStyle magazine was just one of the sources to report that one of the duchess’ favorite beverages was almond milk.

Apparently, this claim is inaccurate. According to Today, a British cafe worker served it to the duchess the drink. When Middleton got to the cafe, she told the worker, “Don’t believe everything you read; I don’t even like almond milk.”

Jack the Ripper was a member of the royal family

Jack the Ripper caused terror across London during the late 1800s, reportedly killing at least five women in London’s Whitechapel district. The identity of the notorious killer was never discovered. One theory claimed that Jack the Ripper was Queen Victoria’s son Prince Albert Victor.

Apparently, a British physician claimed that bouts of insanity caused by syphilis provoked the Prince to kill. However, there seems to be plenty of evidence against this claim.

There’s a secret meaning behind baby Archie’s name

Where exactly did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle come up with the name Archie Harrison? Harrison (which translates to son of Harry), is obviously a tribute to the baby’s father. So to many, it wasn’t a stretch to suggest Archie was a nod to Meghan’s birth name, Rachel. If you rearrange the letters and change the L to a capital I, Rachel and Archie are the same. This rumor has not been confirmed or denied, but it’s fair to say this one’s a bit of a stretch.