The Creator of ‘Watchmen’ Is Making a New Movie: What Is Alan Moore’s ‘The Show’?

Alan Moore is widely regarded as the greatest graphic novel artist in history, known for his fantastical plotlines and compelling story structure. A few of Moore’s most famous works include Watchmen, From Hell, V for Vendetta, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. While Moore has notoriously criticized existing film adaptations of his work, Moore is turning his attention to his very own movie project, an independent film known simply as The Show. Here is what we know about The Show, and why the reclusive artist decided to release his own film venture.

What is ‘The Show’ about?

Tom Burke

Tom Burke | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

The Show was announced early in December 2018, with few details other than that Moore himself would have a role in the film as well as writing the story. Moore describes it as an “epic indie fantasy saga,” with no throwaway dialogue and no throwaway characters. It is also the very first screenplay that Moore has worked on that isn’t directly adapted from one of his own comics. But why would Moore suddenly decide to become involved in a film project, especially after announcing his retirement from writing comic books in 2016? According to an interview with Alan Moore, he wanted to apply the creative techniques he has learned throughout his career to the medium of film and try to create a world that is peopled with only interesting characters.

The plot, according to information released by Moore, revolves around a detective who has been hired to find a stolen artifact. His quest sends him on a journey through London’s Northampton and puts the detective into contact with a wide variety of unsavory, noir-ish characters. The cast includes such talent as Tom Burke as lead character Detective Fletcher, Siobhan Hewlett, Sheila Atim, Richard Dillane, and Ellie Bamber. Filming for The Show is currently underway in the UK.

Which Alan Moore comics have been adapted into films already?

With their depth and richness of story and character, as well as their sheer commercial success, it’s no wonder that filmmakers flock to Moore’s work in droves, eager to adapt it for the big screen. The first movie version of a Moore comic was 2001’s From Hell, which starred superstar Johnny Depp as the detective tasked with hunting down Jack the Ripper. There were a number of differences from the comic and the movie, including the way the detective character was presented – in the comic version, the detective was much older than the character as portrayed by Johnny Depp.

In 2003, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was released in theaters, based on Moore’s comic of the same name. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen focused on a group of legendary heroes, including Mina Murray of the Dracula legend, Dorian Gray, the Invisible Man, and British serial hero Alan Quartermain, played by the legendary actor Sean Connery. As with From Hell, there were a number of differences between the comic and the movie. At this point, Moore notoriously distanced himself from any filmed version of his work, stating that he had no desire to even see the finished product due to the radical differences from the source material.

More movie adaptations followed, all successful at the box office, including 2005’s V for Vendetta and 2009’s Watchmen. Around this time, Moore announced that he didn’t even want his name attached to any more film adaptations of his work, a request that filmmakers have adhered to.

Hardcore fans of Moore’s work will finally be able to see his genius on screen as he intends when The Show makes its debut. Currently, there is no release date set, but hopefully, more information will be announced early in 2019.