‘The Crown’: Claire Foy Will Return as Queen Elizabeth During Season 4

Season 3 of The Crown is streaming on Netflix. This season of the acclaimed series follows a more seasoned Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Coleman) from 1964 to 1970. Stepping into Claire Foy’s shoes, who starred as the queen on the first two seasons of the show — Colmen’s Crowned Queen must contend with a new Prime Minister — Harold Wilson, the decolonization of Africa and the Carribean, as well as Prince Charles, being pushed forth in the public as the Prince of Wales. 

One of the things that makes The Crown so unique is showrunner and creator Peter Morgan’s decision to recast the series as the characters age instead of simply aging up the characters. 

“No ongoing television series has ever done this in the way that we are doing it here, changing the cast but not the characters they are playing,” executive producer Andy Harries told USA Today. “It’s extraordinarily bold.” However, it appears that we will be seeing Foy again in Season 4 of The Crown.

Inside details about ‘The Crown’ Season 4

Though there is no release date as of yet, we expect Season 4 of The Crown to debut around the holidays in 2020. The season should move into the 1970s through the mid-’80s and will focus on Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ tumultuous marriage.

In addition to the Prince and Princess of Wales, we’ll get a glimpse at Queen Elizabeth’s rocky relationship with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher –aptly named The Iron Lady.  Gillian Anderson is set to step into the late Prime Minister’s shoes.

Olivia Coleman has stated that Season 4 of The Crown is “less historical.” She told Entertainment Weekly, “It feels quite different. We had our read-through and to hear the voices of Margaret Thatcher and all of that, it’s quite fun.”

Claire Foy will return for Season 4 of ‘The Crown’

Though Olivia Coleman will continue on with her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in Season 4 of The Crown — fans will also get a glimpse at Foy’s younger queen.

Town and Country is reporting that the actress was seen on Nov. 20 filming what appeared to be a flashback scene. Though The Girl In The Spider’s Web actress was photographed several times for Season 3 — this is the first time fans of The Crown will have seen her since Season 2.

Foy’s flashback in Season 4 appears to be from Queen Elizabeth’s 21st birthday where she gave a speech in Cape Town, South Africa. She said in the speech,  I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”

There is no word yet on whether Matt Smith will also reprise his role as Prince Philip.


This is why Peter Morgan did not want to age his actors with makeup for ‘The Crown’

In shows like This Is Us –creators and showrunners choose to use makeup and digital effects to make their actors look older.

“I feel that when we reach 1963-64 we’ve gone as far as we can go with Claire Foy without having to do silly things in terms of makeup to make her look older,” Morgan told Harper’s Bazaar. “She can’t help the fact she’s as young as she is.”

Seasons 1-3 of The Crown are currently streaming on Netflix.