‘The Curse of Oak Island’: Newest Season 7 Could Include Shipwreck Treasure Finds and More

There’s something so compelling about watching people search for buried treasure — just ask the avid fans of the smash History Channel sensation, The Curse of Oak Island. It was recently revealed that this beloved reality show was renewed for a seventh season and according to locals, this season is going to be epic.

Oak Island | History Channel

Rick and Marty Lagina are clearly in it to win it. Despite plenty of disappointment, the brothers have had tons of success as well, including the discovery of rare artifacts including the Knights Templar cross, Rhodolite Garnet brooch, gold brooch, iron spikes, and plenty of other valuables. Clearly the hard work they’ve put into the expedition is paying off.

But the Lagina brothers might be setting up for the biggest discovery of their lives. According to one local resident, the Lagina brothers could be on the verge of discovering a sunken ship.

Oak Island is a treasure hunter’s paradise

The Nova Scotia island in question wasn’t discovered by the Lagina brothers, but it was Rick and Marty who made it famous thanks to their hit History Channel show documenting their efforts. Oak Island is a popular place for famous figures ranging from pirates to possibly even Marie Antoinette to stash their valuables. Now, modern treasure-hunters like the Laginas are intent on finding those buried riches.

Rick and Marty Lagina purchased about 78% of the land on Oak Island through their company, Oak Island Tours. They began excavating for treasure in 2010 and have made several significant discoveries over the years.

The Money Pit remains a mystery

One of the most intriguing and potentially lucrative points on the island is The Money Pit, where some treasure hunters believe priceless relics are stashed. The Arc of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and countless other treasures are rumored to be hidden here.

Excavating this and other key points of interest on the island remains a key focus for the Lagina brothers.

Season 7 might feature new excavation methods

There’s no confirmation that the Laginas have begun filming for the new season of the show, but a local resident confirmed from their fan page, Oak Island From the Other Side of the Causeway, that there’s been a good amount of activity in the swamp.

The fan also pointed out multiple trucks with heavy equipment have been arriving every day, proving that there’s about to be some major action on Oak Island. Remember, last season the Laginas found evidence of what appears to be a sunken ship, which they’ll certainly be exploring further this season. The new equipment proves that this excavation is going to be new and unique to what we’ve seen before.

This fan also made note that it appears the team is working on building the cofferdam, which could mean expanded coverage and a potential connection to the Money Pit. Cracking that code would mean a higher likelihood of finding something truly valuable — something like the Holy Grail. Literally.

What else can we expect in Season 7?

Since the season hasn’t even begun filming yet, we’re not sure when it will be available for viewing. However, one confirmed fact is that the History Channel ordered 36 episodes, which is more than they have for any season prior.

Does it mean producers know they’ll have more content to work with? Hopefully! We can’t wait to see what happens next!