The CW Builds Anticipation for ‘Arrow’ Spinoff With ‘Flash’-y Trailers

The CW is continuing with the comic book adaptation bandwagon, picking up a series based on the DC comic The Flash for its 2014-2015 schedule, the network announced earlier this month. A teaser clip of the show, which will star Grant Gustin as the scientist who through a freak accident gains the power of super speed, was released by the CW on Wednesday. In the clip, we see that scientist Barry Allen has become so fast that he can snatch arrows out of the air before they hit a target. On Thursday, an even longer trailer was released by the network.

The show is a spinoff of the CW’s successful series Arrow, based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, though the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen does not go by that alias in the television series. Queen went missing and was presumed dead for five years but was eventually discovered on a remote island. He then returns home to Starling City, but his ordeal on the island has changed him. To make amends for the person he once was, Queen creates his Arrow persona, a vigilante who is determined to right the wrongs of his family and correct the wrongs within Starling City, according to the CW.

Police scientist Barry Allen, who eventually becomes the Flash, first appeared in the two-part second season finale of Arrow as an investigator looking into some unsolved robberies that may have a connection to his own past. We see the Flash interact with Queen in the teaser clip, so it seems as though Oliver Queen will appear at least semi-frequently in The Flash. Arrow was picked up for a third season earlier this year, and the CW is hoping to continue capitalizing on that show’s success with The Flash.

DC Comics executive and writer Geoff Johns is involved as a writer on the show, so the CW is working to make sure the show will appeal to the comic book’s hardcore fans as well as those unfamiliar with the strip.

The long trailer shows Barry Allen as a child seeing his mother murdered by what appears to be a mysterious flash of lightning. Later we see him in adulthood, working as a police detective when another accident involving lightning causes him to come into contact with the chemicals that result in his new superpowers. The main antagonist at least from the trailer appears to be Weather Wizard, who obviously has the ability to control the weather to perform his dastardly deeds. Luckily, the Flash has his supportive team of other meta-humans by his side to help defeat the bad guys.

The Flash has been a television series in the past. Back in 1990, CBS aired one season of a series called The Flash, where the hero was played by John Wesley Shipp. The CW is hoping that its attempt at serializing the hero’s story will be more successful.

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