The Darksaber Seen on ‘The Mandalorian’ Further Proves The Animated Series are Important to ‘Star Wars’

The Mandalorian, while a part of the Star Wars universe, was a sleeper hit. Lucasfilm and Disney didn’t reveal much about it before the show premiered on Disney+, but it’s gone on to create a lot of positive buzz from fans. Even more so than The Rise of Skywalker (which hasn’t been hard to do). Regardless, its season finale floored a lot of people, even those with deep knowledge of the lore of this franchise. That’s because a famous weapon showed up, one that’s been seen time and again throughout Star Wars media. Spoilers for The Mandalorian ahead.

The marquee at the premiere for 'The Mandalorian,' at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.
The marquee at the premiere for ‘The Mandalorian,’ at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Moff Gideon revealed he owns the Darksaber

In the final moments of the finale, Mando struck down the TIE fighter Moff Gideon was flying and the crew was able to get away from the former Imperial powers. Mando is now a father to Baby Yoda, which means the Child is definitely in safe hands. And while it’s a hopeful ending, the last shot casts a dark future where Moff Gideon is still after the Baby. 

In the last scene, Gideon is seen wielding the Darksaber, a black lightsaber that resembles a sword more than the ones used by Jedi. He uses it to cut himself out of his TIE fighter, and stands menacingly before it. Even though his battalion of Stormtroopers has been decimated, he clearly won’t be giving up on acquiring the Child anytime soon.

The Darksaber appeared on ‘The Clone Wars’ and Maul wielded it

For fans of the animated Star Wars shows, the Darksaber is not new to you. But what was surprising was an Imperial leader possessing it. The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels have always been important for canon, but it’s becoming more and more intertwined with the live-action portions of the Star Wars universe as well. 

The Darksaber is seen in The Clone Wars in Season 2 onward, owned by Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla. He uses it in his duel against Obi-Wan Kenobi, and against Ahsoka in Season 4. Star Wars Rebels revealed that, according to legend, the Darksaber was created by Tarre Vizsla, the very first Mandalorian brought into the Jedi Order. It was once kept in the Jedi temple, but House Vizsla took it and has used it ever since. 

In Season 5 of The Clone Wars, former Sith Lord Maul takes over Death Watch, kills Pre Vizsla, and takes the Darksaber. He becomes the leader of the group and is also behind the leadership on Mandalore. This would explain Sam Witwer’s tweet from Dec. 27. Witwer, who voiced Maul in both animated series and Solo: A Star Wars Story, wrote, “I’m a little angry. No. Furious. Just watched Mandalorian. That’s MINE,” after the finale aired. 

Sabine and other Mandalorians had it in ‘Star Wars Rebels’

Interestingly, though, Witwer’s Maul wouldn’t even be the one who Gideon took it from. The last people to have the Darksaber were Mandalorians, again. Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels wields the saber, which she reluctantly receives, at first. Hera and Kanan convince her to take it because it belongs to her people of Mandalore, and she could be the person to unify them and bring them into the rebels’ cause. 

Sabine passes it onto Bo Katan Kryze, sister to Duchess Satine Kryze from The Clone Wars. Bo Katan was a part of Death Watch but left when Maul took over because she felt the group had turned against its people. 

What does it mean that Moff Gideon has it now?

Now that Moff Gideon has the Darksaber, it can really only mean that Bo Katan was unfortunately slain. She would not have readily given up the saber, and now that an Imperial leader has it, it’s once again out of the hands of its people. 

This could, however, change. Considering Gideon is going after Mando (presumably), the Mandalorian could potentially get it back. Even though he’s a foundling and not explicitly from Mandalore, Mandalorians are a Creed now. It’s very possible that Moff Gideon took the Darksaber during Great Purge of Mandalore. 

The Mandalorian has proven that it knows how to use flashbacks and tell origins well enough, so fans will probably get to see how Moff Gideon came into possession of the Darksaber. Until then, the animated series are perfect tools to learn more about the ancient blade.