The DC Film Universe May Need ‘Man of Steel 2’ to Save Superman

Superman is one of the biggest superheroes of all time, but when it comes to presenting the live-action version of Clark Kent, DC Films hasn’t quite mastered it. In Justice League, Henry Cavill’s Superman was resurrected from the dead after facing various tragedies in both Man of Steel and Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice. However, real fans of the superhero will know that Cavill’s Superman is not the sunny optimist that we’ve all come to love and know.

As DC Films begins to reassess their upcoming cannon of movies, as well as the heroes that they will present on the screen, it’s clear that the DCEU will need Man of Steel 2 to save Superman from himself.

The death of Superman

Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Warner Bros.

For those who haven’t even read the comics, watching Superman die at the end of Dawn of Justice was utterly baffling. After all, the theme which stems from a comic in the 1990s remains one of the most unpopular superhero storylines of all time.

So why did Zack Snyder decide he wanted to go that route for the film?

What went wrong in Justice League

The Justice League superheroes gather together in a posed promo shot

Justice League | Warner Bros.

The most hilarious and awful thing about Superman in Justice League was the CGI removal of Cavill’s mustache. He was working on another film and could not shave for Justice League reshoots. However, that was just the start of where the DCEU failed Clark Kent. When Superman returns from the dead, he’s monstrous, attacking everyone from Arthur Curry to Bruce Wayne. It’s only the presence of Lois Lane that calms him.

Instead of letting Superman be who he is, DC keeps failing because it tries to humanize him and make him approachable. You can’t make an otherworldly human approachable — that defeats the purpose of the whole superhero gig.

Getting Superman right

Superman: The Animated Series

Superman: The Animated Series | Warner Bros. Animation

DC got Superman perfectly in 1996 with the hit show Superman: The Animated Series. But for some reason, that portrayal of the iconic character has not been translated into the big screen. Not only were Clark Kent’s storylines clever and thoughtful, he was also the perfect mix of a humble Kansas farm boy who wanted to help people and a legend.

If we’re ever going to get a Man of Steel 2, that is the version of Superman that Henry Cavill needs to play.

Man of Steel 2

Matthew Vaughn poses upon arrival for the World premiere of Kingsman: The Golden Circle in London on September 18, 2017.

Matthew Vaughn was poised to direct Man of Steel 2 | Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Back in 2013, the DCEU put the Man of Steel sequel on hold indefinitely. We’re not sure exactly why it’s being held. But it’s become more and more clear that we need to give Superman the on-screen time that he deserves. Initially, the rumor was that Matthew Vaughn would direct the film, with The Rock starring opposite Cavill as the villainous Black Adam.

Vaughn has been focused on other projects, but Kingsman writer Mark Miller told El Fanboy podcast what their idea for the film was about. He said, “It was actually a massive, uplifting, hopeful thing. There’s no point doing Superman unless you feel good. You should walk out of Superman just feeling like a million dollars. You should feel great after a Superman film. The movie itself was going to be a big, vast fun epic. But Superman’s got to be a laugh, as well.”

It looks like they need to revisit that idea pronto.

The black suit

Superman dons this black suit in Superman: Rebirth

Superman dons this black suit in Superman: Rebirth | DC Comics

Since DCEU killed off Superman and resurrected him, they could have at least let us see him in the iconic black suit. In fact, many fans are so up in arms about the suit (which was made for Cavill to wear in Justice League) not appearing in the film that they are petitioning Warner Bros. to release it.

If they were going to force Clark Kent to be dark, they could have at least given him a wardrobe change.

Back on track

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel | Warner Bros.

Though Vaughn is now focusing on other projects, Man of Steel 2 is still on the table. Hopefully this time, we can get the Kryptonian’s story right. More than anything, considering the times we currently find ourselves in, we could all use a bit of hope from an indestructible hero like Superman.

A word from Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Though Cavill has only had great things to say about his time as Clark Kent, something he said recently about the DCEU should be noted. The British actor suggested, “The wonderful thing about movies is that it’s a suspension of disbelief. We’re talking about a guy who can fly, who can shoot lasers out of his eyes. And so, there are ways of doing it but telling these stories; it’s about your enjoyment. It’s about my enjoyment. It’s about enjoyment for the viewer.”

The viewers and critics have spoken, and clearly, they did not enjoy Justice League. So it might be time to give Cavill some material worth throwing on a red cape for.

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