The 1 ‘Difficult’ Moment That Left Sarah Ferguson Devastated

Sarah, the Duchess of York, enjoyed a unique friendship with Princess Diana. They were both outsiders that were ejected from the royal system harshly. In the beginning, Diana was even compared to Sarah on multiple occasions in the media and by her husband, Prince Charles.

Who is Sarah Ferguson?

Sarah, Duchess of York
Sarah, Duchess of York | John Rainford/GC Images

Sarah was the wife of the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew. They had two daughters together, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. They had a very public split and Sarah was virtually villainized. The royal couple went on to separate and finally divorced in 1996. Since her separation from Prince Andrew, she has been shunned by the Royal Family in many ways.

The moment that devastated Fergie

Sarah, Duchess of York, and Princess Diana
Sarah, Duchess of York, and Princess Diana | Ken Goff/The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

One single moment left Sarah devastated by her treatment at the hands of the Royal Family. She wasn’t invited to Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, which clearly upset her, considering the friendship she had with his mother. While speaking with Oprah Winfrey in an interview in 2011, Sarah said it’s been understandably “difficult.”

“Diana and I both weren’t there [in London], but I’m here to say how proud she would have been,” Sarah said. “And Kate looked utterly beautiful.”

Not being invited to the wedding was hard for Sarah to deal with. “It was so difficult. Because I wanted to be there with my girls … and to be getting them dressed and to go as a family,” the Duchess explained. “And it was also hard because the last bride up that aisle was me.”

“I think what I felt was that I went through the phase of feeling so totally worthless and that [it] was quite right they didn’t invite me,” Sarah said.

Princess Diana gave Sarah Ferguson some advice

Princess Diana with the Duchess of York
Princess Diana with the Duchess of York | James Andanson/Sygma via Getty Images

Just a few months before Princess Diana’s death, she gave Sarah some advice that stuck with her. “Remember, Fergie, when you’re at the top of the pedestal, you can fall off. It’s when you’re at the bottom you can grow,” Diana said. Princess Diana knew what she said to be true first hand. She herself had a very public divorce with Prince Charles that shocked the world at the time.

Did Sarah Ferguson know Princess Diana before she joined the Royal Family?

Princess Diana and the Duchess of York
Princess Diana and the Duchess of York | Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

The royal friends are actually related as fourth cousins, so they were aware of each other early on. Their mothers both went to school together as well and therefore they were acquainted.

Sarah and Diana became close in 1980 when they finally reconnected based on mutual acquaintances and the same friends in similar circles. They would have lunch together each week. They were each other’s confidants since they were both going through similar things. Sarah even attended Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles.

Princess Diana would often call Sarah, especially during the turbulent times of her marriage. They were soon both going through it in their marriages, and they turned to each other for moral support. Even after they each separated from their royal husbands, they still remained close and continued their weekly lunch dates.

They both experienced the daunting task of being royal and all that comes with it. They got into some trouble together over the years as young women, and they seemed to bring out the best in each other.

There were times throughout their friendship when the media would say the two were no longer friends, something Sarah says simply isn’t true. Whatever the case really was, Sarah clearly treasures the moments she spent knowing Princess Diana.