The Disappointing Reason Marvel’s Netflix Shows Won’t Get Disney+ Revivals

When Marvel started creating TV shows on the mainstream networks and Netflix earlier this decade, there was hope that maybe they’d connect with the MCU movies being made at the time. As the big-screen movies became bigger and more expensive, there was no logical way the TV show counterparts could realistically connect.

All the shows could do was make slight reference to the famous Avengers or mention specific events that occurred in the MCU. That was as far as it ever went, and eventually the shows just became individualized to a point where they no longer made MCU references.

Agents of SHIELD was a good example of this, prompting many fans to feel like it was the true “jumping the shark” moment. Now all Disney+ Marvel shows will connect to the MCU in more direct ways.

Is there still a chance the TV show characters will have revivals?

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The good bet is to not expect any of the old Marvel TV shows to revive any time soon. Kevin Feige’s master plan for Disney+ is to create only shows that can have the perfect tie-ins with the big-screen projects. This means The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and WandaVision storylines interweaving with the new Marvel movies coming out over the next couple of years.

Since Disney+ has the budgets to keep up with the cinematic productions, this makes more sense compared to the network shows with budgets not even half of what the movies had in the early days.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the characters from the network shows couldn’t be revived with bigger budgets. Many did well anyway since writing is what really matters over excessive CGI. From all indications, though, they probably won’t be revived soon because those shows already set the pace for being non-canon.

Is it really fair to do this when some sideline characters in the movies appeared as guests on the shows? Overlooking them as non-official could lead to a lot of pop culture confusion.

There were more characters who made guest appearances than some remember

It’s sometimes been forgotten Samuel L. Jackson appeared as a guest on Agents of SHIELD once, not including Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, and James D’Arcy as Edwin Jarvis.

Latter appearance was a very important one, outside of being a background character. Considering Jarvis factored in strongly with Tony Stark’s future, such a guest-shot can’t be removed from the record.

Problems always occur when the creators of a major franchise with hundreds of characters attempt to change what’s already been filmed. George Lucas set this precedent with his changes to the original Star Wars films, albeit him hoping no one would notice.

No matter how small those changes were, it created ripple effects in trying to explain away things in the official Star Wars timeline.

Now Marvel may have the same problem since some of the TV shows will exist on Disney+. A few are already there now (like Agent Carter), with all maybe being there eventually.

Will Marvel try to bury the TV shows over time?

Apparently Marvel wants to honor the shows by having them available to watch again on Disney+. What happens once the new Marvel shows start in earnest, though? Would Marvel decide to remove the old shows if fans start to complain too much about them not being acknowledged?

They probably won’t pull a “back into the vault” process like Disney did with their classics on DVD. Then again, there’s no way to know completely. Since the new Marvel show plan is much more adamant and will go back and forth between the shows and movies, the old shows may be disowned.

Maybe in another five years, some of the old shows will be rebooted without acknowledging what came before. Doing such a thing will involve a lot of major creativity, not including new casting. With some of the shows focused on teenage characters, it’ll be too late to recast them when well into their 20s.