‘The Dragon Prince’ on Netflix: 3 Reasons to Binge-Watch The Show

A chorus of fans of The Dragon Prince are celebrating the show’s renewal. The series’ creators revealed the news during Comic-Con@Home that Netflix picked it up for four more seasons, stretching out the story for its intended seven-season arc.

When season 3 of The Dragon Prince arrived on the streamer in November 2019, it went on to garner more than 28 million views within the first two weeks of its debut.

Here are a few reasons why you should check out The Dragon Prince if you’re not hip to the animated series yet.

'The Dragon Prince'
Rayla on ‘The Dragon Prince’ | Netflix

‘The Dragon Prince’ is a fantasy with dragons, magic, and elves

Elves and humans don’t get along. There’s a secret coup that sets off unfortunate events and a quest. A group of kids — including a baby dragon — are the core heroes. If those elements sound like an interesting combination, then your Netflix queue should be in the right place.

After the king is gone, princes Ezran and Callum are tasked with caring for a rare dragon egg, which is an indirect cause of war between human and the elven clans.

They’re almost killed by an elf assassin, but they have to work together to defeat the evil and sometimes traitorous characters they encounter.

Along the way, they learn the true history of the dragons, black magic, and the divide between humans and elves. Viewers meet elf tribes who are connected to the sun, moon, stars, water, or earth. Each possesses a set of skills or magic and most are wary of humans.

The main characters, Rayla, Ezran, and Callum, are trying to undo centuries of ill will. But the main villain is also answering to someone. Fans will love the diverse set of well-written characters, the magical landscapes, and the storylines.

One of the writers worked on ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

Considered a series suitable for adults and children, Avatar: The Last Airbender is still one of TV’s most beloved animated shows. Previously a head writer for ATLA, Aaron Ehasz is one of the co-creators of The Dragon Prince.

With that said, he and Justin Richmond imbued the series with some ATLA touches, including the themes about war, empathy, biases, characters with heavy backstories, and nature’s elements.

Fans of ATLA will recognize some common threads woven through both series, which feature lessons about personal growth, family, heart, and loss.

Episodes are short and easily binge-able

Look, we all love a good six-hour binge session when a new season of our favorite series drops. However, each episode of The Dragon Prince clocks in under 30 minutes, allowing you to invest three or four hours of your day on an entire season. Much of that depends on how often you break for snacks.

But just because the episodes are shorter doesn’t mean the story is diluted. There is more than enough time for you to understand the politics in Katolis, Xadia, and the surrounding kingdoms. There’s also ample time for you to become attached to its characters and villains.

Stream the first three seasons of The Dragon Prince on Netflix now.

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