The Duggar Family Is Asking Everyone to ‘Trust and Hope in God’ During Coronavirus

The global pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) is reaching all across the U.S. now, and people everywhere are doing their part to “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of the virus. While everyday folks are affected, well-known reality stars are also sharing how the virus is impacting their lives. And some of the Duggars have been more vocal about it than others.

While the Duggar family typically posts updates to their Instagram, it seems they have a special message about the coronavirus on their Facebook. Through this difficult and uncertain time, the family asked that their followers place their “trust and hope in God” that everything will be alright. Here’s what they posted.

Jill Duggar has already posted about the coronavirus scare

As Americans prep for potential quarantine and social isolation, many took to the shelves to stock up on toilet paper. And Jill Duggar was also involved in a tough situation with toilet paper. She took to her Instagram Story and personal Dillard Family blog to share her experience almost running out of the precious commodity during these hard times. While she wasn’t freaking out and stocking up like others, she documented her adventure with her sons as she went store to store in an attempt to find it.

“So, amidst the pandemic, we are nearly out of toilet paper. The one item that people are going crazy for,” Jill explained on her Instagram Story on March 16, 2020.

Many of Jill’s followers were shocked by her cool, calm, and collected nature, too.

“I’m honestly impressed with Jill, she was very calm and rational,” a Reddit user wrote. “I’m not sure what I expected, but she just seems so normal nowadays, and she seems interested in ‘worldly’ events.”

Lauren Duggar is also sharing recipes during this time

Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren, has a more light-hearted approach to the coronavirus scare. She took to her Instagram Story to share one of her favorite gluten-free recipes, as she’s cooking up more than usual now that she’s stuck indoors.

“Many of ya’ll are probably cooped up at home because of the coronavirus. Same here,” she told her Instagram followers via her Story. “I thought I would do, like, a pretend ‘cooking show’ on what I eat since I’m gluten-free.”

Unfortunately, her followers didn’t like her post as much as Jill’s. Many on Reddit thought Lauren and Josiah looked like they were “playing house” due to how young and naive they appeared to be. And others wondered why Lauren would both with the post at all since the meal didn’t seem particularly well-cooked or appetizing.

The Duggar family as a whole reached out to their followers via Facebook

Jim Bob Duggar, center, and his wife, Michelle Duggar, make a stop on their 'Values Bus Tour'
Jim Bob Duggar, center, and his wife, Michelle Duggar, make a stop on their ‘Values Bus Tour’ | Matt McClain/ The Washington Post via Getty Images

Now, Jim Bob and Michelle are taking to social media to share their feelings about the virus. On March 15, they made an announcement on Instagram suggesting that their followers pray and trust in God’s greater plan.

“We know that this Coronavirus situation is unprecedented. Beyond the health threat, there are so many unknown economic and societal impacts this virus is making worldwide,” the post reads. “The one thing we do know is that even in the darkest days and in the most challenging times, we can put our trust and hope in God. Let’s all pray for one another, for our leaders, for our healthcare workers, and especially for our elderly. ….”

We know the Duggars are ultra-religious, so this type of post during a pandemic is to be expected. It seems their followers liked the post, too. Many commented that they would be praying along with the Duggars and hoping the virus will taper off sooner rather than later.

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