The Duggar Family’s Pregnancy Announcements: Which Duggar Couple Did It Best?

There are a lot of Duggar ladies who are currently awaiting the birth of a child. Jessa Duggar kicked off baby bump season when she announced she was expecting her third child in January 2019. Several other Duggar ladies followed suit. Joy-Anna Forsyth, Anna Duggar, Kendra Duggar, and Cousin Amy all announced forthcoming babies through the spring. Finally, Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar announced yesterday that they were expecting their first child following a miscarriage.

With all these babies coming soon, we couldn’t help but wonder which Duggar pregnancy announcement was the absolute best. Was it Joy’s simple ultrasound announcement, or did Josiah and Lauren take the top prize with their emotional photo shoot?

Joy-Anna and Austin win the most minimalistic pregnancy announcement award

Fans have been speculating that Joy-Anna and Austin were expecting their first child for months. In fact, fans started speculating the second baby Gideon was born. To keep things simple the pair took a family photo holding up an ultrasound photo.

Joy and Austin’s announcement was, by far, the most minimalistic, but it did finally put the rumors to rest. The family will be welcoming their second child in November 2019. The couple’s first child, Gideon, was born in February 2018.

Anna and Josh Duggar’s sixth pregnancy announcement was the most creative

While the announcement of Josh and Anna’s sixth child was met with mixed emotion, most fans can agree that the pair came up with the most innovative social media post for the occasion. The announcement video included Josh handing out printed letters to the family’s five children to lay out on the floor.

The message revealed that the family would be welcoming another bundle of joy come November 2019. Anna has long been a fan favorite, but her husband is a reality TV pariah. Josh was disgraced in 2015 when it was revealed he molested several of his younger siblings. The family’s scandal only deepened when he was swept up in the Ashley Madison scandal later that year.

Josiah and Lauren’s announcement was the most heartwarming

There is something to be said for an announcement that honors a loss while still being thankful for the future. Lauren and Josiah nailed the concept in their sweet photoshoot that acknowledged the pregnancy they lost seven months ago.

Fans were especially happy to see the couple announce they are expecting a child, but the thoughtful post also included a balloon to signify the miscarriage they experienced. The couple is fairly young and hasn’t been married for long, but it seems like they have a stable connection, and fans are happy to see them growing their family.

Joe and Kendra Duggar win the award for the most expected pregnancy announcement

No one was particularly shocked that Kendra and Joe announced another baby. Joe and Kendra wed in September 2018. Thirty-nine weeks later, they met their first child. Since then the couple has caught backlash for their aggressive gendering of their son, Garrett.

While some fans have a problem with the way they are going about things, the second pregnancy announcement was heavily expected. Kendra and Joe haven’t been active on social media for long, so the second they set up an Instagram account, fans saw the news coming. They surprised precisely no one with their announcement.

Amy and Dillion King’s pregnancy announcement was the most ‘extra.’

Cute couple in matching outfits? Check. Easter eggs spilled around their feet for seasonal ambiance? Check. Balloons spelling out “baby”? Check. Pretty background to take the pictures? Check. Amy and Dillion King hit all of the important bullet points for the most “extra” baby announcement photo.

While Amy has long been the rebel of the Duggar family, she didn’t want to take any chance when it came to announcing her very first pregnancy. The pictures did come out great, and fans are thrilled for the Kings now that they are expecting, but some expected more from Amy.

Jessa and Ben Seewald’s announcement was the most underwhelming

Jessa and Ben are keeping things simple now that they are onto baby number three. The pregnancy announcement posted way back in January 2019 didn’t include an ultrasound photo or a plethora of balloons and confetti.

The couple, who married back in 2014, decided just to post a family photo that highlighted Jessa’s growing bump. A quick caption clued fans into what was going on, but for anyone who just scrolled past the picture, the announcement was super easy to miss. Jessa and Ben are already parents to Spurgeon, 3 and Henry, 2.