The Duggars from ‘Counting On’ and the Busbys From ‘OutDaughtered’ Are All Completely Obsessed With This Restaurant

TLC has a number of shining stars who’ve proven they have serious longevity on screen — and fans are still loving the Duggars. We remember when they first hit our TVs with 17 Kids and Counting (which later turned to 19), and now we’re still watching them on Counting On. They’re not the only large family on the network that fans love, either. More recently, Adam and Danielle Busby have garnered attention with their show, OutDaughtered. Their program features the couple navigating life with six daughters, five of whom are quintuplets.

We know from watching the Duggars and the Busbys that budgeting is key, so going out to eat all the time certainly isn’t often on the agenda. There is one restaurant they both seem to love, however. Here’s where they go out to dine.

The Duggars adore Chick-fil-A

The Duggars have never been shy when it comes to sharing their money-saving tips — and Michelle Duggar has even written an entire blog post on how she stayed on budget while raising 19 children. For that reason, it shouldn’t surprise us that Chick-fil-A, a cheap and slightly-better-for-you fast food giant, is one of the family’s favorite places to dine. In Touch Weekly notes many of the Duggars continue to visit Chick-Fil-A regularly to get their fix — and Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, even spent her Valentine’s Day lunch there.

Jill and Jessa are also frequenters of the fast food joint — especially when they’re pregnant. In Touch Weekly notes Jessa posted a photo of her last chicken nugget on Instagram with the caption, “How is it that being pregnant can make this such an emotional moment?” And back in 2015, a pregnant Jill Duggar also posted a photo of a large Chick-fil-A meal shared with her husband and sister with the quote, “I think Chick-fil-A WILL be in heaven!”

They even dress up for ‘Cow Appreciation Day’ and head there to dine

The Duggars don’t just indulge in the Chick-fil-A chicken, but they also take part in the festivities that the fast food joint has to offer. In Touch Weekly notes Jill and Jessa both took part in “Cow Appreciation Day.” Every July, Chick-fil-A celebrates this day by giving free meals to every patron who shows up in a cow costume. Of course, the Duggars didn’t disappoint. This past July, Jill posted a photo of her, her husband, and her sons dressed up in homemade cow costumes as they went to get their free meal. And Jessa seemingly did the same the year prior in 2017 judging from her Instagram, too.

As for why the Duggars take part in all of Chick-fil-A’s festivities, both the franchise and the family are totally in alignment when it comes to what they support. Chick-fil-A has found themselves in hot water before when the owners announced their ultra-Christian values included not supporting LGBTQ rights, E! News reminds us. Many even began boycotting the fast food giant — though, of course, with the Duggars being just as conservative, we’re sure they were fully in support of the restaurant.

The Busbys also seemingly love the fast food restaurant

The Duggars aren’t the only TLC family to love Chick-fil-A. The Busbys, who are also known for being religious (though not nearly as conservative as the Duggars), seem to love the fast food restaurant, too. In Touch Weekly notes back in November 2018, Adam and Danielle, along with their six daughters and a few others, went to the restaurant for some chicken and ice cream. And Danielle has also posted on Instagram regarding taking her kids there for a bite to eat.

While Chick-fil-A is inexpensive overall, Danielle noted the expense still adds up when she has six additional mouths to feed. And it seems like the Busbys aren’t venturing out to eat there as much as the Duggars do. Perhaps one day TLC can arrange an entire get-together of their Chick-fil-A loving stars.

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