The Duggars Posted a Video to Their Instagram That They Would Have Considered Majorly Taboo Years Ago

We may be on Season 10 of Counting On, but fans have been fascinated with the Duggar family for over a decade. When Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar first brought their kids into the world of reality TV, they also shared their strict household rules and ultra-religious beliefs. From their dress code to their bizarre courtships, we’ve been scratching our heads over the Duggars for years.

It looks like the family may be loosening up a bit, however. The Duggar Family Instagram, which appears to be run by Jim Bob and Michelle, posted a video that we can’t imagine they’d ever post years ago. Here’s what they added to the ‘gram and why it’s taboo.

The Duggars don’t believe dancing is appropriate behavior

The Duggars are all about modesty — and it’s also the reason the Duggar kids follow a dress code when they’re still living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. Prior to marriage, the women are encouraged to wear long skirts that fall below the knee and shirts that cover the chest and shoulder areas. When a woman who is dressed “inappropriately” passes by the family, they even share the code word “Nike” to let the men know they should avert their gaze to avoid any feelings of desire.

Not only were the Duggars supposed to dress a certain way when growing up, but they also had rules against consuming certain media. They didn’t watch modern television shows or listen to popular music. And they also weren’t permitted to dance.

Jim Bob and Michelle explained that dancing can bring out temptations that are forbidden before marriage. And Jessa Duggar also told E! News that since so much modern-day music promotes sex, they only listen to gospel music, which can certainly be hard to dance to.

The Duggar Family Instagram posted a video of Jinger’s daughter dancing

Jinger Duggar moved to Los Angeles with husband Jeremy Vuolo, which was a bold move for a child of Jim Bob and Michelle’s. Since the move, fans have watched Jinger blossom in her new environment, too. She’s exploring new things and loving the urban life. And her hip outfits — along with her form-fitting pants — also show she’s no longer shackled to the Duggar rules.

It looks like Jinger is also exposing her toddler daughter, Felicity, to modern life, too. The Duggar Family Instagram posted a video of the little girl dancing. While this type of parenting isn’t too surprising to see from Jinger, it is shocking to see Jim Bob and Michelle’s Instagram supporting behavior they used to condemn. And it’s making fans wonder if this means the infamous Duggar parents are loosening up on their ultra-strict ways.

Fans are shocked to see the content

Duggar Family Instagram followers quickly took to the video to share how they felt about seeing little Felicity dancing.

“Dancing and not wearing a skirt . I love how she’s being allowed to be a normal kid !” one follower commented on the post.

“While I admire the family values and Christian upbringing, I love that Jinger is allowing Felicity to experience completely normal milestones and activities,” another wrote.

Yet another added, “God gave us musicality and rhythm. It’s natural to dance. It is man’s perverted thoughts that make it ‘wrong’. Sad of most of the innocent things these children have been indoctrinated to believe are evil.”

It looks like fans are all in agreement that they adore Jinger’s parenting — and they love seeing a Duggar child experience the joy of dancing. We’re not sure if this means Jim Bob and Michelle have looser rules for the younger kids still living under their roof. But we’re hopeful they may be open to the idea that dancing is totally OK!

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