‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: Ellen DeGeneres Joked Harry Styles ‘Begged’ Her to Be in the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ Video

Harry Styles is known for being a key member of One Direction, and he’s now successfully paving his own path with his solo music career. To promote his album, Fine Line, he visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And it’s clear Ellen DeGeneres is a super fan of Styles.

DeGeneres even joked that Styles “begged” her to be part of the “Watermelon Sugar” music video. Here’s what she said.

Harry Styles talked about his album on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

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Styles is making a splash as a solo artist post-One Direction. His album, Fine Line, is a hit with fans — and “Watermelon Sugar” has become one of the catchiest bops of 2020. When Styles visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the end of 2019, he talked about what it’s been like pursuing his career without his bandmates by his side.

“Aren’t you just — aren’t you so proud of yourself?” DeGeneres asked Styles. “Aren’t you so happy?”

“I’m very happy,” Styles explained. But he was nervous he’d lose some fans along the way. “I think coming out of that, I kind of tried to remind myself before getting any expectations that you can’t … just not assuming anything. Like, I don’t know if the people are going to come because it’s not the band anymore, stuff like that.”

He then noted that he’s glad people seem to be enjoying his music, though, so he’ll certainly continue to create tunes for the fans.

Ellen DeGeneres joked Styles wanted her to be in the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ video

It looks like DeGeneres has additional jokes up her sleeve when it comes to Styles. In June 2020, she spoke virtually to her talk show about the possibility of being in Styles’ music video for “Watermelon Sugar.”

“Harry Styles was filming his new music video and he begged me to be in it,” DeGeneres said without cracking a smile. “I just happened to be there, and I was like, Harry, I can’t always help you out. But, anyway, I said OK. So, I was in Harry’s new video.”

DeGeneres then said Styles wanted her to show the music video on her show, as he needed the extra “attention.” She then showed the “Watermelon Sugar” music video, but it contained a few comedic changes. DeGeneres changed the name to “Waterm-Ellen Sugar” and edited herself into the video.

At the end of the video, DeGeneres verified she thinks Styles is a “talented young man” with a bright future.

Fans loved DeGeneres’ rendition

Harry Styles during the filming for 'The Graham Norton Show'
Harry Styles during the filming for ‘The Graham Norton Show’ | Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

It’s clear DeGeneres was cracking jokes about “Watermelon Sugar,” but fans found the comedic act quite funny.

“I love it when Ellen gets edited in music videos,” a fan commented on the video.

“Now I am gonna hear waterm-Ellen sugar every time I hear this song,” another fan wrote.

“Just when I thought the video clip couldn’t get any better,” yet another added.

“I literally thought Ellen was being serious until the reality of her being a comedian hit me like a truck,” another fan wrote.

We’d love to know what Styles thought of this bit by DeGeneres. For now, we’ll be stuck singing “Waterm-Ellen Sugar” for the remainder of 2020.

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