The Empowering Reason Kristen Bell Says She Doesn’t Pay Attention to Box Office Numbers

Kristen Bell has certainly made a name for herself in Hollywood since her iconic role as the sassy teen detective on CW’s Veronica Mars. With all the projects she now has under her belt, some rightfully wonder how she handles the pressure of box office numbers and living up to her hit performances. We’re in luck because Bell recently gave us an answer to that question. Here’s a quick rundown of Bell’s career, along with the surprising way she handles critics.

Kristen Bell’s successful career

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Although Bell had been a Broadway actress for some time, she didn’t become a well-known figure until the premiere of Veronica Mars. The teen detective won over viewers and developed a cult following, launching Bell into the big league.

When Veronica Mars came to an end after only three seasons, Bell continued her career in television with a role in the superhero drama, Heroes, and then voicing the narrator of teen drama Gossip Girl.

In 2008, she made the leap into movies with Forgetting Sarah Marshall and, since then, she’s starred in other popular films including Couple’s Retreat, When In Rome, and Bad Moms. In animated movies, Bell voiced characters for Frozen and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Her most recent projects, Frozen 2 and The Good Place, have earned her a place as one of Hollywood’s favorite actresses. Bell consistently delivers on every medium whether it be TV or feature films.

Kristen Bell doesn’t pay attention to box office numbers

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Bell doesn’t usually have a problem with bad box office numbers, but it’s not something she really focuses on anyway. When asked by Sean Evans of the hit YouTube show Hot Ones about how she handles the stress while waiting for the box office numbers to come in, Bell had an interesting answer.

“I actually don’t ever pay attention to the box office numbers,” Bell said. “I never have, for the safety of my brain and my ego. I want people to go see it. Like I want people to love Veronica Mars or The Good Place. I want there to be an audience, but I don’t necessarily care about the competition of it all and I think it’s unhealthy for me to be preoccupied with that vs preoccupied with making the best show possible and exposing it to a large amount of people.”

Bell probably has a point about the safety of her brain and ego. It doesn’t sound healthy for a star to sit around obsessing about the numbers. Evans then asked her if she paid any attention to the critical reception of her roles.

“That a little bit more, yeah,” Bell answered. “Because that can actually make or break a movie.”

Bell then explained that she likes to tell herself that as long as she was happy with her performance, then that’s all that matters. But of course, she’s human, and she admitted that she does sometimes let the critics get to her, but she tries to take it all in perspective.

What’s next for Kristen Bell?

The Good Place is about to start its final season and Frozen 2 releases this November. But Bell also has plenty of other projects to keep her busy.

Veronica Mars fans are all pumped about the reboot. Season four, which picked up from where the show left off in 2007, premiered on Hulu this summer. Although we don’t have the official word yet, there have been preliminary talks about season five. The future looks bright for those of you who love Bell’s sassy detective character.

Bell also has another animated musical series in the works. She’ll join her Frozen co-star Josh Gad in voicing characters for Apple’s Central Park. From the same creators of Bob’s Burgers, Central Park has already been approved for two seasons. According to Apple, the series will be about “how a family of caretakers, who live and work in Central Park, end up saving the park, and basically the world.”

Even though two of our favorite Bell projects are coming to an end, there’s still plenty for her fans to look forward to.