The Entire Internet Thinks Jenelle Evans Has Lost Her Mind for This One Reason

Has Jenelle Evans lost it completely? That’s what former fans are wondering. The troubled mother of three recently uploaded a YouTube video that shows her formerly united family working around the house they have dubbed “the land.” The video depicts both Jenelle Evans and David Eason interacting with animals. It even features a clip of the family dog, Nugget. Nugget, as everyone knows by now, was killed by Eason. The death of Nugget was the catalyst for all of Evans’ current legal and financial problems.

What was the video all about?

Evans took a brief social media break after two of her children were removed from her care, but in recent days, she’s returned to her regular posting schedule. Evans has posted about her court battle, the love of her children, and now how the family worked together to create a backyard farm.

The video includes clips of Evans and Eason feeding chickens, collecting eggs and corralling the pigs they purchased. Nugget is even seen in a few of the clips. The presence of the French bulldog was particularly difficult for former fans to deal with.

Fans are unsurprisingly incensed by the upload

While Evans might have been trying to paint her family in a positive light, Teen Mom 2 fans are enraged by the recent upload. Everyone has seemingly had just about enough of the former MTV star, and they aren’t shy about it.

The YouTube video has amassed nearly 700 comments, many of which voice their displeasure about the content. In fact, several commenters have given Evans the moniker of “delusionelle.” Over on Instagram, a clip of the upload has been viewed nearly 300,000 times, and almost 1400 people have commented on the post.

Why would Evans post such a video?

The small minority of people who aren’t wholly incensed by the upload are perplexed instead. The timing of the video is especially strange, and many are left wondering exactly why Evans would make such a bizarre decision.

Reddit fans have taken to discussing Jenelle’s motivation for posting the video. While some are wondering if the mother of three thinks the video will somehow help in court, others have decided Jenelle has lost touch with reality.

The posting of the video comes on the heels of a newly released 911 call from December 2018. The call, placed by Evans, reveals chilling details of the troubled couple’s home life. In the call, Evans tells a dispatcher that Eason became enraged by an article and began smashing things around the house. She fled to the attic while her sleeping child was left in her bedroom. Evans tells the operator that Eason had a gun.