‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Anthony Mackie Imagines Tony Stark Owns an ‘Audi Dealership’ Somewhere

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier catches up with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The series focuses on some of the characters’ real-life issues, including how they make a living.

In a recent interview, Anthony Mackie revealed that like fans, he often wondered how the Avengers get paid. And he jokingly suggested the paychecks come from Tony Stark’s Audi dealership. 

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier'
Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ | Marvel Studios

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ addresses the superheroes’ salary

For years, fans have watched Marvel superheroes put their lives at stake to save the universe. But the movies never revealed how the heroes live and earn. Luckily, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier addresses some of those questions. 

In the premiere episode, Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and his sister Sarah (Adepero Oduye) go to their local bank to get a loan for their family business. The banker recognizes Sam, and after noting he has no income for the last five years, he asks how the Avengers get paid. 

“There’s a tremendous amount of goodwill,” Sam responds. “Because of that, people are inclined to help.”

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When the banker pushes on Sam’s income, Sarah notes that her brother doesn’t have much to show because he didn’t exist (Thanos blipped him) for five years. Sam insists he has viable government contracts, but the banker still denies their loan application.

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ writer reveals how much went into answering the Avengers’ paycheck question

When talking to Variety, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier writer Malcolm Spellman revealed how deeply satisfying the bank scene was. And he noted that a lot went into answering the question about how the Avengers get their paychecks. 

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What’s a trip is when we got to that moment, and that question came about naturally, the entire Marvel structure chimed in. That was a really, really fun moment, where what was supposed to be a scene that mostly dealt with the issues of, you know, a Black family from a certain background dealing with a bank loan, and the fact that him being a celebrity does not transcend him being Black, turned into way more fun of, ‘Wait, how do superheroes make their money?’ I can’t tell you the volumes of documents that came out in building what is [a small amount of] dialogue in the episode.

Malcolm Spellman, Variety

Anthony Mackie always imagined Tony Stark was paying the Avengers with his ‘Audi Dealership’ money

Just like fans, Mackie often wondered how the Avengers earn a living. He recently joked that the superheroes could benefit from unionization.  And he said he always imagined the funds came from Tony Stark and his Audi Dealership. 

“It’s interesting, I always ask the question, ‘When the Avengers show up, they destroy whole cities and crush people, and what do they do for a living? Where does their money come from?’” The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star told TV Line. “I always believed it was Tony Stark because, obviously, he owns an Audi dealership somewhere.”

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But Mackie also noted that the noble heroes are only interested in saving people. “I think they do it for the betterment of the world, for saving people’s lives,” he explained. “They have their ins and outs, their odd jobs to make sure that they’re taken care of — government sponsorship, funding, government housing.”

Fans will see more of Mackie’s Sam Wilson as this season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continues. New episodes air weekly, on Fridays, on Disney+.