‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Wyatt Russell Confessed He Was Clueless About the Marvel Universe

When Wyatt Russell landed the role in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, luckily for him, having extensive knowledge about the Marvel universe wasn’t a prerequisite. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Russell confessed that he knew almost nothing about Marvel.

Wyatt Russell smiles at the AOL Build taping in 2017
Wyatt Russell | Ray Tamarra/GC Images

Wyatt Russell had a limited knowledge of the Marvel universe

During a March 29 interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Russell was asked about auditioning for the role and how familiar he was with all things Marvel. Turns out, he didn’t really click with comic books as a kid and hasn’t stayed on top of the goings-on in the Marvel universe.

Russell admitted that when he went to audition for the role of John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he tried not to let on too much that he didn’t know everything about Marvel. He could only carry on with the charade for so long before he had to fess up, however.

“I didn’t grow up knowing much about comic books,” Russell explained. “My heroes were athletes.”

“They showed me a picture of the guy,” he continued, adding, “and I was like, ‘Oh, alright. Yeah!’ … Finally, about 15 minutes into the explanation of why I am who I am, I had to look at her and just go, ‘I’m really sorry Zoie [Nagelhout, co-executive producer]. I don’t know any of this stuff.'”

Sebastian Stan gave Russell some solid advice

When Russell started asking questions on set, co-star Sebastian Stan had some simple advice — don’t even try to sort it all out.

“When I came on set, I was asking like, ‘Ok, what does that mean?’ or ‘Who’s that person?’ or ‘How do they fit in?'” he said. “Finally Sebastian was like, ‘Dude, stop asking questions. You’re going to get more confused than you are … When you get answers, it’s going to be worse.'”

Russell believes it’s to his benefit to be a little clueless, however. “It kind of works for the character because he’s new and he’s not part of the old universe,” he explained.

“It was semi-embarrassing to be in the Marvel office going ‘I don’t know,’” he admitted.

Russell also had a bit of worry about wearing the Captain America suit for the first time. “It was ‘Oh god, take it off,'” he explained. “‘You got the wrong guy. Send me back. You’re gonna lose so much money!'”

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Wyatt Russell loves working with his ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ co-stars

In a March 2021 interview with ET, Russell shared how he has a lot of love for Stan and Anthony Mackie, who play Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson.

“I just texted Sebastian and said, ‘I feel very lucky that I was brought into the MCU with you guys.’ Because as good of actors as they are — which obviously goes without saying — they’re as nice of people,” Russell shared. “They are wonderful people. They are wonderful to be around on set. You never don’t want to come to set … I had a total blast with them every time we were working together.”

He also discovered the perfect method for not letting any spoilers slip. “I did it and tried to just forget everything for, like, for real. So, I really don’t know the answer to some questions. And it’s much easier to do it that way,” he said.