‘The Family Chantel’: Angenette Reveals Why Royal Might Think She Was Unfaithful

In season 2 of The Family Chantel, there is some major drama going on, as can be expected. There are some new faces in the mix, including Chantel Everett’s brother, Royal, and his new wife, Angenette. However, Royal has made some moves that make Chantel think he’s “controlling” with Angenette. This week, Chantel tells Angenette that it’s like her brother doesn’t “trust” her.

Later on with a producer, Angenette reveals why Royal might think she had been unfaithful in the past.

Chantel Everett’s brother has a new wife

Angenette on 'The Family Chantel'
Angenette on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC/YouTube

Angenette is from the Philippines, and she met Royal online after she added him on Facebook. Chantel’s brother traveled to see her, where he proposed on his first trip over. They used the K-1 visa process to get her to the United States, and although they had 90 days to tie the knot, they got married a week after Angenette arrived, according to Chantel.

But Chantel has some reservations about the couple. She thinks Angenette is “quiet” and unlike the women Royal has dated before.

When Chantel takes Angenette out to a club with her friends and sister Winter, they try to have a good time involving dancing and drinks. However, Royal actually shows up to get his wife, and he takes her home.

“It seems like Royal feels like he needs to keep a close watch on Angenette,” Chantel says to the cameras. She also reveals that Royal told her that when the couple was first together, Angenette was “romantically messaging other guys that were also in America,” according to Chantel.

Angenette reveals why Royal might think she was unfaithful

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This week, Angenette goes shopping for wedding dresses with Chantel and her mother, Karen. At one point, Chantel asks some questions, including how the couple met, even though that’s already been established. She even asks if Angenette has spoken to other American men before, and she says she hasn’t, but Chantel has said before that Royal already told her she had.

Next, Chantel asks if Angenette asked Royal why he picked her up at the club the other night. She says he wanted to get her because it was “really late.” Then, Chantel says she feels “like maybe Royal doesn’t trust” Angenette “enough.” Angnette reveals that he “needs to trust” her, and she isn’t “doing anything bad.”

Angenette talks to producers about the conversation, and tells the cameras she “isn’t hiding anything from them.” A producer asks Angenette if she thinks Royal “trusts” her. She says she thinks he “trusts” her “enough.” When asked what that means, Angenette isn’t immediately upfront about it. She starts to cry, then a producer asks if “sometimes” royal doesn’t trust her, and she admits that “sometimes he doesn’t.”

She’s then asked if she has anything more to say, and she says, “Maybe I can tell it to you, but I don’t want him to look bad.”

Angenette tells a producer what happened, and she reveals why Royal might think she had been unfaithful. It turns out she had been pregnant, but had a miscarriage, and she claims Royal mentioned she might have gotten with someone else in the Philippines before coming to the United States.

“I had a miscarriage,” Angenette reveals. “We went to the hospital, and then we found out that maybe I am two weeks pregnant. And then he doubted it.” When asked if he maybe thought she was “fooling around,” Angenette said: “He said that maybe I hook up another guy in the Philippines before I went here.”

It’s an extremely emotional situation and a hard thing for her to go through. Where do thing go from here for Angenette and Royal? We’ll have to wait and see.