‘The Family Chantel’: How Does Nicole’s Mom React To Learning About Alejandro’s Marital Status?

In season 2 of The Family Chantel, Pedro Jimeno’s sister is highlighted in a big way. She’s dating her new boyfriend named Alejandro, but there’s a secret she was previously keeping from everyone. It turns out that her new man is still married to his ex, although he says he’s “working on it” when it comes to a divorce. This week, Nicole finally tells her mother the truth about it, but how does she react?

How did Nicole and Alejandro meet?

Nicole and Alejandro on 'The Family Chantel'
Nicole and Alejandro on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC/YouTube

The new couple met at a party years ago, and Alejandro happens to be from the Dominican Republic as well, although he’s currently living in New York City. He sent Nicole a message on Instagram one day, and the relationship blossomed from there.

Nicole has been nervous from the beginning when it comes to how her family and friends will react to Alejandro’s marital status. Her brother wasn’t thrilled at all when Alejandro told him to his face about it. Even her good friend Coraima didn’t react well to the news, but Nicole now needs to tell her mother.

Alejandro meets Lidia for the first time and gets kicked out

When Alejandro comes to the Dominican Republic, he meets Lidia for the first time, and it doesn’t go well at all. Tensions are high when Nicole’s mother, Lidia, first meets Alejandro. She tells the camera that her first impression wasn’t good.

“The impression I had when I met Alejandro was a very unpleasant impression because of the way he was dressed,” she revealed. She also mentions that he “painted his beard.”

The conversation that transpires between them is stressful, and Lidia doesn’t warm up when Alejandro presents her with a few gifts. Lidia grills Alejandro on what he does for work, and he reveals that he’s a manager at a cell phone company and a part-time bartender, but Lidia says he isn’t on Nicole’s “level.”

She mentions that he can only offer Nicole “trouble.” She even removes his suitcase from her apartment, and tells them both to leave, which they do.

How does Lidia react to learning that Alejandro is married?

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However, the couple still needs to come clean about Alejandro’s marital status, and they finally work up the courage to tell Lidia about it. They meet her at a park and sit down to talk at one point. Alejandro mentions that it’s “very difficult” and “very embarrassing” to see her again, as he says she “humiliated” him.

He mentions that he wasn’t trying to “offend” her in regards to bringing his suitcase and backpack with him the last time he saw her. He apologizes and admits that it’s important for her to approve of the relationship.

Lidia accepts the apology, but her daughter still needs to tell her about Alejandro still being married. She manages to finally tell her when she says, “Look, Alejandro… Alejandro is still married.”

But how does Lidia react? Like you might expect actually. “You know, wait, wait, wait, but you know, I told you,” her mother says. “He’s a dirtbag.”

Nicole’s man explains that he’s “in the process of divorce,” but that doesn’t seem to matter.

“He is a dirtbag because he dates a woman being married,” Lidia says, getting really upset and standing up. “Listen to me good. He is married. He is hurting another woman, and he will hurt you too.”

Then Lidia speaks to Alejandro, who has also stood up. “You’ve been telling lies from the beginning,” she says. Alejandro tries to get her to understand that he hasn’t been lying, but the damage is done.

In a preview of the upcoming episode, Lidia talks to her daughter alone, explaining that she was once in “that situation” before as well. “Why do you want to repeat the same story?”

Pedro and Nicole’s father was married when he met Lidia. They were together for a few years when he finally told Lidia that he had another family, according to Pedro.

Also in the preview, Alejandro mentions that he “purchased a ring” for Nicole, presumably to ask her to marry him.

It looks like there’s still a lot of drama to come. We’ll have to see how things play out from here. Will Lidia warm up to the idea of Nicole dating Alejandro? Will Alejandro propose to Nicole? Hopefully we’ll get much-needed answers in the upcoming episode.