‘The Family Chantel’: Nicole’s Mother Has a Bad First Impression of Alejandro

On The Family Chantel, Pedro Jimeno’s sister, Nicole, is back, and this time she has a new boyfriend named Alejandro. Nicole’s brother has already met Alejandro, and learned his shocking secret – He’s still married, although he’s “working on it” when it comes to the process of getting divorced. It isn’t a situation her family will be thrilled about, and when Alejandro comes to the Dominican Republic to meet Nicole’s mother, Lidia, it doesn’t go well. She actually puts his stuff out of the apartment in a shocking turn of events.

Alejandro comes to the Dominican Republic to meet Nicole’s mother

Nicole and Alejandro on 'The Family Chantel'
Nicole and Alejandro on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC/YouTube

Nicole has been worried and stressed about revealing Alejandro’s marital status to her friends and family. Pedro didn’t react well when learning the news, and neither does Nicole’s friend, Coraima. But the time has finally come for Alejandro to meet Lidia, and he travels to the Dominican Republic for the occasion.

Alejandro’s plane touches down in the D.R., and Nicole couldn’t be more thrilled. They clearly care about each other, but now they must face Nicole’s mother. Although Nicole has already warned her mother that Alejandro is coming, Lidia doesn’t seem too thrilled about it at all. In fact, she’s far from it.

Nicole’s mother has a bad first impression of Alejandro

Nicole wants her mother to meet her man, but she’s nervous about it, and she has every right to be. Alejandro admits to being nervous as well. Lidia already has a bad opinion about the situation, and it totally comes out when she lays eyes on him for the first time. They finally meet, and it’s pretty icy between them from the start.

Lidia admits to the cameras that her first impression wasn’t good. “The impression I had when I met Alejandro was a very unpleasant impression because of the way he was dressed,” she says. She also mentions that he “painted his beard.”

Nicole makes the formal introductions, but Lidia remains distant. “I see that he came with a suitcase, like he is going to stay here,” Lidia says. She tells the cameras he “already had my house with that smell of cheap perfume that gave me nausea.”

Alejandro reveals some gifts that he brought for Lidia, including a purse and some perfume that Nicole told him that Lidia liked. Although Lidia says “Thank you,” she doesn’t seem to be too enthused.

“Nicole’s boyfriend believes that he will buy me with cheap perfume gifts that I don’t use,” Lidia says to producers.

Lidia asks him to have a seat, but things actually go from bad to worse. “I came here because I wanted to meet you, to talk to you about our relationship, since we’ve been together for several months now,” Alejandro begins.

“Oh and how is that?” Lidia asks. “I’ve never seen you.”

Alejandro continues by saying that their “situation” is “a little complicated because it is a long-distance relationship.”

Lidia doesn’t think Alejandro is on Nicole’s ‘level’

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Lidia inquires about what he does for work, and he tells her that he’s a manager at a cell phone company and a part-time bartender, none of which impresses her. She says he isn’t on Nicole’s “level,” which really brings the vibe down even further.

“You are a dishwasher boy,” Lidia tells him. Alejandro doesn’t seem to appreciate that comment, and Lidia continues by asking him if he went to school. He says he is studying business currently, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

“Listen, I’ll tell you something,” she tells him. “I have sacrificed so much for her to go to the university, so that she could have a better life. So how is she going to be with a guy like you? You don’t have the same mentality.”

When Nicole tries to interject, her mother tells her to “shut up.” She continues by telling Alejandro that he can only offer her daughter “trouble.”

Alejandro clarifies that he isn’t “trouble,” but his opinion doesn’t have a lot of merit where Lidia is concerned. She calls him an “opportunist,” and says he’s “good for nothing.”

Lidia won’t let Alejandro stay with her, and she even removes his suitcase from her apartment. She comes back to get some clothes that fell out of the suitcase, leaving them outside. During the whole situation, Nicole mentions that her mother “broke” Alejandro’s perfume. Lidia tells them both to go, which they do promptly.

It’s pretty obvious that this first meeting didn’t go down well at all, and Nicole has yet to reveal that her boyfriend is still married. We’ll have to see what the future holds for Nicole, Alejandro, and Nicole’s mother, Lidia.