‘The Family Chantel’: What Pedro Asks Involving Angenette That Royal Says Is ‘Inappropriate’

Season 2 of The Family Chantel has finally arrived on our television screens. Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno are back, but there are also some new faces as well. Chantel’s brother, Royal, is back from Texas and he has a new wife, named Angenette. In the premiere episode, Pedro actually asks Royal something involving Angenette that Royal says is “inappropriate.”

Chantel Everett’s older brother has a new wife

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett on 'The Family Chantel'
Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC/YouTube

Royal, who has been working and going to school in Texas, has returned home with Angenette, who is from the Philippines. The couple met online, and they used the K-1 visa process to be together in the United States. Although they had 90 days to tie the knot, they had a quick courthouse marriage. They tied the knot just a week after Angenette’s arrival, according to Chantel.

Chantel has her initial suspicions, and can’t help but notice the stark differences in the way her family receives Angenette compared to all the drama that went down between her family and her husband.

Chantel’s family has a party for Royal’s birthday

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In the premiere episode of the new season, Royal celebrates his birthday with his wife by his side along with his family as well. With balloons and decorations everywhere, Royal receives a splendid welcome when he’s greeted at the door by his eager family. Chantel pins a “birthday boy” pin on Royal’s shirt. They all exchange pleasantries, and share some food.

Pedro asks Royal how “married life” is, and Royal says it’s “good.” Chantel’s father, Thomas, asks him if they are thinking about having a wedding in the Philippines, and he says they are going to have one over there.

Thomas says he’s “excited” to meet Angenette’s family. The whole family will be going to the Philippines for the couple’s second wedding.

Pedro starts asking some very personal questions, including how the couple met, and Royal reveals that it happened online. Next, Pedro asks who talked to who first, and Royal replies that Angenette reached out first.

Royal tells the cameras that they started talking, and Royal went over to meet her. He actually proposed to her the first time he went to see her, but he’s been to the Philippines twice.

What Pedro asks involving Angenette that Royal says is ‘inappropriate’

Pedro then asks if he met her family, and he has. Then he asks his next question that changes the tone a little bit. “If Angenette help her family in Philippines, she send money back sometimes?” Pedro asks.

“We don’t send any money back right now,” Royal reveals. “But if she did, I really don’t have a problem with that. Anyone who has a problem with it can mind their own business.”

Royal tells the cameras that it was “inappropriate” for Pedro to ask him that. “When Pedro was asking me so many questions, going so deep as to asking about if we do send money back to her family, you know, that’s inappropriate,” Royal says. “The suspicion that my family had about Pedro and Chantel’s situation is honestly not my problem.”

Fans may recall that Pedro has sent his family money and gifts, which has been a source of tension between Chantel and Pedro, as well as his family, in the past. He was probably just genuinely curious to know.

It looks like this is only the start of the drama that’s to come on The Family Chantel.