The Fans Have Spoken: Kevin and Astrid Are the Strongest Couple on Bachelor in Paradise

Astrid and Kevin
Astrid and Kevin quickly became one of the key couples on BIP Season 5. | @astridloch via Instagram

It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of “Bachelor Nation” and its various reality programs. Bachelor in Paradise is particularly heated this summer. Season 5 of the reality dating show has already had its fair share of tears, love triangles, and enviable dates.

One couple has managed to escape the drama (for the most part) and solidify their relationship while winning over viewers’ hearts. Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt quickly emerged as this season’s “strongest couple,” to use BIP lingo, and we can see why.

Kevin called out the show and told Astrid he isn’t on ‘BIP’ for fame

Kevin’s no stranger to Bachelor Nation. He was on the Canadian version of The Bachelorette and ended up winning the final rose and getting engaged to season star Jasmine Lorimer. They broke up after five months and Kevin took another shot at love on The Bachelor Winter Games in the winter of 2018.

Kevin ended the show with contestant Ashley Iaconatti, but the public later learned their relationship didn’t panned out (Kevin insinuated she cheated on him). Ashley’s now engaged to another Bachelor Nation alum, Jared Haibon.

When Kevin and Astrid quickly connected, fans didn’t get to see much of the conversations that led them to consistently date week after week. The most recent episode of BIP season 5 revealed some of Kevin’s insecurities as well as his one motive — to fall in love.

After revealing he almost didn’t come to BIP out of fear he’d experience a third Bachelor Nation break up, Kevin told Astrid his true feelings. “I just thought someone could like easily hook up with me for the Instagram. Or for all this bullsh**. I’m [expletive] 34 years old. I don’t care about any of that sh**.”

The two are super similar and fans have taken note

One thing that Astrid and Kevin’s fans love? Their maturity. The two were tested in episode six when Kevin admitted how much his past relationships have influenced his time with Astrid.

Fans of the show recognize a lot of the drama and conversations they’re seeing are scripted or influenced by production, so they were pleasantly surprised by how real the moments between Astrid and Kevin appear. One fan tweeted they were “the realist of real” while another celebrated Kevin’s admissions of mental health issues.

They recognize that life outside the show is what matters

When Kevin commented how he wished Astrid had tested out other relationships in Paradise before committing to him, viewers watched the couple’s first fight play out. But both parties in the relationship said things that indicated they were in the relationship for the long haul.

Kevin’s main point throughout the conversation was that he’s experienced the Bachelor world before and knows how “the real world” will influence a once-strong relationship. Astrid was confident it wouldn’t be an issue for them, telling Kevin, “I wouldn’t be with you the way I am if I didn’t think of it as the bigger picture of it all.”

There’s still 2 weeks of ‘BIP’ left

While fans are rooting for the couple to get engaged at the end of Paradise, we still have four episodes and the promise of “the most dramatic finale in Paradise history” to get through before we see if Astrid and Kevin get the happy ending they’re hoping for. In the meantime, we’re holding out hope amidst their Instagram posts (that it looks like are Kevin-approved).

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