The ‘Fantastic Four’ Will Reportedly Join the MCU Via One of Two Phase 4 Movies

Disney has proved capable of selling out theaters and garnering critical acclaim without ever mentioning mutants or a particularly famous family of explorers. From Iron Man to Captain America, the heroes who have come to define the saga offer enough appeal to draw audiences in — solo installment after mash-up after solo installment. However, ever since the Fox/Disney merger, attention has been on the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. How will Kevin Feige choose to bring Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and the Thing into the existing landscape? How will he suggest their existence without such feeling forced or out of place? 

Marvel Fantastic Four comic
A Marvel ‘Fantastic Four’ comic book | Mario Tama/Getty Images

Based on available information — and recently leaked intel — it looks like the Fantastic Four will join the superhero soiree in one of two ways. The team will either join via Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or via Thor: Love and Thunder. So, let’s dive into the two respective theories — the source and the narrative trajectory suggested — to see how a beloved family (one that Fox formerly butchered twice) will finally receive a proper spotlight under Feige’s watchful eye. 

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Mr. Fantastic to join via ‘Doctor Strange 2’ as The Illuminati comes into formation 

Recent reports indicate that the MCU will be comprised of multiple smaller teams following the Infinity Saga. As opposed to one conglomerate, titled “The Avengers,” there will be different groups most adept to combat different threats. As for one of those groups, The Illuminati may form to combat threats that the new Avengers are not suited to handle. 

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Rumor has it, according to Mikey Sutton of Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture, that Doctor Strange may begin to form The Illuminati in his second solo outing, calling upon Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) and Professor X to step in as founding members. Meaning, Doctor Strange 2 could provide a gateway to both the Fantastic Four and mutantkind via some multiverse exploration. The film could bring Strange into worlds and timelines — with people existing in places they would otherwise not be. Yet, The Fantastic Four may not enter the picture via a famous member, but rather via a famous threat. 

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ could bring the Silver Surfer into the MCU 

One theory suggests that Chris Hemsworth’s’ Thor will come to face off against the Silver Surfer in Love and Thunder. The Silver Surfer is a herald for Galactus — the devourer of worlds. And, while the Silver Surfer does not wish to help Galactus, he is forced to — to protect his family and his home from destruction. 

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In short, if the Silver Surfer comes to play in Thor: Love and Thunder, the movie could be foundational on several fronts. One: it could provide a link to the MCU’s next greatest threat: Galactus. Two: the Silver Surfer’s story is intimately connected to the Fantastic Four. Thus, it’s likely that if the Silver Surfer winds up on Asgard, the Fantastic Four will be close behind.

In short, one of two Phase 4 movies will likely bring the Fantastic Four into the landscape, or, at the least, suggest their future narrative. Will it be Thor: Love and Thunder or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?