The First Clue Steph Curry and His Brother Would Be NBA Players

Brothers Seth and Steph Curry holding each other's basketball jerseys
Seth and Steph Curry | Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Not only is Steph Curry one of the best basketball players of his generation, but his brother, Seth Curry, also plays for the NBA. Sports clearly run in the Curry family’s blood. Their sister, Sydel Curry, played volleyball at university, and both of their parents are athletes.

Their father, Dell Curry, was an NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets during their childhood. While it may seem obvious that Steph and Seth would be interested in basketball, their parents never pushed it on them. So what was the first clue they may be professionals? Here’s what we know about the Curry’s extraordinary upbringing. 

Basketball is a Curry family tradition

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Not only is the Curry patriarch an NBA player, but their entire family has athletics in their genes. When they were small, Steph and Seth watched their father, Dell Curry, play for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Charlotte Hornets. But their mother is also an athlete. Sonya Curry excelled in volleyball, basketball, and track and field in high school, and then went on to play volleyball for Virginia Tech. 

But the athletic blood line goes back even further than that. The Curry boys’ great, great, great grandfather, Wesley Snell, raised 11 children that would become a sports dynasty in their hometown, routinely having the family name printed in the sports pages. Growing up, the Currys were surrounded by athletic success from both sides of the family tree, going back several generations. 

One of their cousins from the Snell side of the family, Doug Day, Jr., set multiple records during his time playing basketball for Radford University. He is now the head basketball coach at his old high school. Day admits that growing up surrounded by the athletes in their family was an inspiration.

“That always pushed me to want to achieve and be as successful as they had been in high school and college,” Day said.

How did Sonya Curry know her sons would be basketball players?

Although the Curry kids had athletes everywhere in their family, it wasn’t something that was pushed on them. In an interview with Today, their mother explained that she wanted her kids to find their own path. “We didn’t want to set that expectation for them,” she said. “Find your purpose.”

Sonya Curry admits that she was a strict mom, but she pushed her children to help out around the house, and honor God and family. She didn’t push them into basketball. She only encouraged them to follow their own interests. However, it quickly became obvious that her kids did want to play. 

“We never pushed sports on them,” she said. “They knew the game. They watched the game. They were children who went to the game and sat and watched. They weren’t running around, and they weren’t worried about refreshments or things like that. They watched. They watched games at home. They were students of the game. 

So while other kids were goofing off, the Curry kids were serious about the game. This was the first clue that her children may become something in the sports world. 

Are the Currys passing their basketball tradition on to the next generation?

Now that all three Curry children are adults, they’re having kids of their own. Steph Curry has three children, with his wife, Ayesha Curry. They have 5 year-old Riley, 2 year-old Ryan, and a son named Canon.

Seth Curry has one daughter, 1 year-old Carter, with his fiancĂ© Callie Rivers. Their child will also be the product of a sports dynasty. Rivers was a professional volleyball player and her father is the coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc Rivers. 

While all the Curry grandchildren are still small, they’re growing up surrounded by sports just like their parents. That means there’s a high possibility that they’ll become interested in the pastime as well. For now, we’ll have to wait until the kids get a little older to know for sure, but seeing these tots in the stands watching their parents seems like deja vu.