The First Clues Princess Diana’s Marriage to Prince Charles Would Fail

When Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in one of the most memorable royal weddings of our time, fans thought it would last forever. No one can forget the shy, young bride, as she walked down the aisle in an iconic dress that contained 10,000 pearls and a 25-foot train.

To top it off, she wore an elegant, sparkling tiara, and looked at the guests with a sincere smile as she made her way toward her waiting prince. It seemed that Diana was getting her ultimate fairy tale — marrying Charles and officially becoming a princess as she joined the royal family.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Getty Images

Although the wedding of Charles and Diana was one that most women can only dream of, the marriage itself was far from perfect. Diana was in a difficult position, dealing with infidelity and an extremely rocky relationship. She wanted only the best for her two sons, Princes William and Harry, and worked hard to show them how to handle the pressures of living life in the royal spotlight.

The entire world was aware that Charles was being unfaithful to his wife, and most people resented him for it. But, what were the first clues that Diana’s marriage to Charles would fail?

Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a significant age difference

At the time of the royal wedding, Diana had just turned 20 years old, and Charles was already 32 years of age. That is a significant age gap, as Diana was just beginning to find her way in the world, and Charles himself was pretty well-established.

To further complicate things, Charles had dated Diana’s sister before he began a relationship with his future wife, so things may have been a bit awkward. In addition to this, the couple married after only going out on a handful of dates, so they didn’t really spend much time together. Although they seemed perfect for each other at the time, this may have been the first red flag.

Prince Charles didn’t know what it meant to be in love

During their engagement interview, when asked if they were “in love,” Charles didn’t seem to know what this even meant, while Diana avoided making eye contact with the interviewer. A couple who truly loves each other would be ecstatic about answering that question, and wouldn’t go out of their way to get out of giving a straight answer, as Charles and Diana did.

Prince Charles and Camilla were exchanging gifts

When one spouse is unfaithful, it can wreak havoc on any marriage, and this is exactly what happened in the marriage of Charles and Diana. Charles was having an affair with his current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Diana was well-aware of the situation. In fact, he gave Camilla an engraved bracelet just days before marrying Diana, something that is devastating for a bride-to-be.

On their honeymoon, he wore cufflinks that were gifted to him by Camilla, further causing his new wife hurt and pain, and even went so far as to carry a picture of his alleged mistress. What a slap in the face for Diana, who was going above and beyond to try to be the perfect wife to her new husband.

How did Princess Diana and Prince Charles end up?

All of these signs were strong indications that the marriage of Charles and Diana was destined to fail. They ultimately divorced, although this didn’t stop the princess from continuing her charitable work for people around the world. Charles is now happily married to Camilla, and she has proven to everyone to be a wonderful duchess.