The First ‘Spectre’ Teaser Hints at New Twists for 007

Here in the Daniel Craig era of Bond movies, we’ve seen an interesting arc. Casino Royale was an absolute thrill ride up until the final act. Quantum of Solace was a scattered mess composed of a series of overwrought chase scenes. Skyfall was a return to form of sorts, balancing us back to a more coherent and exciting story. The next in the series though, has largely been a mystery, with little known about what Spectre will actually entail. Luckily, our first teaser has arrived to drop some hints as to what we can expect from 007.

Our first taste of footage gives us a fair amount of context for rumors we’ve heard about the movie through leaked emails that came to us from the Sony hack months back. In it, we see the charred remains of MI-6, followed by a shot of Bond gazing knowingly at a photograph we assume is of him as a child, alongside two other people. We can only assume that we’ll be getting a glimpse into the checkered and mysterious past of 007, something that would continue the saga that started in Skyfall.

What we know from there gets a little murky, as he finds Mr. White (from Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) alone in a cabin. After telling Mr. White of a “meeting” he’d attended with a shady unknown organization, Bond is cryptically warned that he is a “kite dancing in a hurricane.” Things close out with 007 sneaking into a spacious board room, headed by a shadowed figure who apparently is on a first name basis with our favorite secret agent.

So what do we know? First, the shadowed man at the head of the table is none other than Christoph Waltz, playing the villain Hannes Oberhauser. Leaked Sony emails from December shed more light on who he is, naming him as Bond’s long-since estranged foster brother, now the head of an evil organization known as Spectre. Those same emails also detail major issues the studio was having rewriting the third act of the movie, citing the need for a plot twist that gives the audience a sense of the real stakes for whatever ends up as the main source of conflict for Bond.

There’s one intriguing name that comes up on multiple occasions within the Sony emails: Blofeld. Gawker notes that the actual script for the movie they received in the leak didn’t include the iconic Bond villain anywhere, despite the fact that back-and-forth within the studio brought him up as a key piece in Spectre. Could our big twist be the revelation that Oberhauser is in fact one of the most sinister and recognizable villains in the entire Bond mythos? We know very little about Walt’z character based on Ian Flemming’s novels, with Oberhauser operating as little more than a background presence in the Octopussy short story. Needless to say, this gives Spectre a lot of room to fill in the blanks as they see fit.

The teaser we have now does exactly what it was intended to do: Tease us. It’s sparse on exact details and plot points, but absolutely makes us wonder about what’s to come for 007. A full trailer release will hopefully give us more to work with, but the fortuitous leak from Sony last Winter certainly helps, too. If anything, Spectre promises to be a suitably mysterious follow-up effort for James Bond.

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