‘The Flash’: Figuring Out the Mystery Behind Zoom

For both seasons of The Flash, the identity of our main villain has been the driving force behind the story. In Season 1, we found out that the Reverse Flash was masquerading as Harrison Wells, having worked behind the scenes against our heroes the whole time. Now, we’re back in a similar place in The Flash‘s story: Our heroes are up against a villain they can’t defeat, and finding out his true identity is the key to bringing him down.

Unlike last season, there isn’t one obvious candidate for the man behind the mask. Zoom has proven himself to be equal parts elusive and terrifying, and it until recently, there were little in the way of hints as to who he could be. In “Escape from Earth-2″ though, we finally had our first hint, brought to us by a prisoner of Zoom’s whose head and face we see locked in a metal mask.

1. Hunter Zolomon

Hunter Zolomon - The Flash, CW
Source: The CW

A few episodes back, Jay Garrick introduced us to his Earth-1 doppelganger. There was one catch though: The two didn’t actually share the same name. Garrick’s twin in our universe is actually named Hunter Zolomon, something that sets off alarms for anyone familiar with the Flash of DC’s comics. In those comics, Hunter Zolomon is the alter ego of, you guessed it, Zoom. It doesn’t seem like an accident to show us a man with that same name, which would mean our villain’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time.

2. Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick - The Flash, The CW
Source: The CW

This one is a theory that began to take shape in “Escape From Earth-2,” brought on a cryptic coded message from Zoom’s masked prisoner. Through a series of taps, the prisoner spelled out one word for Barry: “Jay.” Could the Jay Garrick we’ve seen palling around Team Flash be an imposter a la Season 1 Harrison Wells? Right now, what we do know about Jay is that he’s dying from ingesting a speed drug of his own making. It would make sense that Zoom’s quest to steal the Flash’s speed is in fact Jay trying to reverse the effects of the drug. Additionally, Jay is nowhere to be found every time Zoom is present, presenting a good case for both men being one and the same.

3. Eddie Thawne

Eddie Thawne, Rick Cosnett - The Flash
Source: The CW

This could be one of two versions of Eddie Thawne: the one who shot himself in the chest and was subsequently pulled into the Time Vortex at the end of Season 1 or his Earth-2 doppelganger. Thawne is one of the few characters whose doppelganger we have yet to meet, and that doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Earth-1’s Eddie would make sense from a standpoint of taking out his anger and almost-death on the Flash, while Earth-2’s would present a challenge for Team Flash, having watched their own Eddie Thawne die right in front of them.

4. Henry Allen (Earth-2)

Henry Allen - The Flash, The CW
Source: The CW

In terms of Earth-2 doppelgangers who would be difficult to fight, Henry Allen would take the cake. We already saw Barry get emotional talking to his Earth-2 mother. Imagine what he’d feel if Zoom revealed himself to be Earth-2’s Henry Allen. It would also serve the added bonus of putting John Wesley Shipp back into the shoes of a speedster, with the actor having played the original Flash in the 1990 series.

5. Tony Todd

Tony Todd
Source: New Line Cinema

It almost seems too obvious, but bear with us for a moment. Imagine we get to the fateful scene where Zoom pulls off his mask revealing himself to be… the actor who’s actually been playing him this whole time, Tony Todd. Todd is credited as the actor behind Zoom, and as such it would make sense for him to be the actual Hunter Zolomon. Furthermore, Jay could be secretly working with Zoom as a way of saving his own degenerating cells (hence the coded message spelling out his name). It would certainly represent a welcome change from the norm, especially with last season’s twist already using up the “villain hiding in plain sight” device.

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