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Much like its CW counterpart ArrowThe Flash has hit the ground running for its latest season. The premiere kicked off with a major character death, the release of Barry Allen’s father from prison, and the introduction of the newest big bad set to plague our hero for the foreseeable future. One episode later, the show fearlessly plunged even deeper, bringing the famed multi-verse into play in the form of the alternate reality speedster, Jay Garrick. We’re now three episodes in, and the momentum has yet to slow down for even a second.

It makes sense that a show centering around a main character with super-speed moves as quickly as it does. It works in The Flash‘s favor more often than not, burning through stories in true CW fashion, and taking a fair amount of cues from Arrow‘s similarly breakneck plot pacing. For the sophomore season of the series, we already have a handful of intriguing storylines, including (but not limited to):

  • The death of Ronnie Raymond
  • The introduction of Jay Garrick and Earth 2
  • Our newest villain, the mysterious speedster Zoom
  • The appearance of Harrison Wells from Earth 2
  • Martin Stein’s inexplicably declining health

The list of intrigue is only continuing to expand too, with the most recent rumors surfacing at the hands of actor Robbie Ammell (Ronnie Raymond). Ammell took to Instagram in welcoming the newest actor to assume the Firestorm mantle, cryptically hinting, “I’ll be back.” For a show as crazy as The Flash, that could mean any number of things: He could resurface as a Ronnie from a separate dimension in the multi-verse, he could have survived the explosion that allegedly exploded, or some expected miracle of science brings him back from the dead. Your guess is as good as ours, but it’s a solid example of just how committed this show is to surprises.

So where is the rest of this season going? With the introduction of the multi-verse comes a whole new resource for stories. The third episode closed out with Earth 2’s Harrison Wells emerging in our reality, and now the fun is really about the begin. Tom Cavanaugh was one of the driving forces behind the success of Season 1, and bringing him back only serves to strengthen an already exciting show. Not knowing the exact capacity the new Dr. Wells will fill is merely an added bonus, and leaves plenty of room for the growth of an old character made new again.

As of now, virtually every major storyline is nowhere close to being resolved. The next episode will deal with the new Firestorm, likely continuing to tease us about the presence of the new Harrison Wells. All the while, Jay Garrick is still continuing to hang around, while Zoom plots to destroy the Flash from Earth 2. Even in episodes that don’t move the needle for a number of arcs, we’re still left wondering about everything happening off-screen.

It’s never easy to for a wildly popular show to follow up a stellar opening season; the sophomore slump is a very real problem for even the strongest of series. The Flash though has proven itself to be up for the task, as it plows forward into the next conflict for our titular speedster. With 20+ episodes per season for millions of viewers, there’s plenty of time for the show to continue building as Season 2 progresses. It’s only a question of where we’re going, as The Flash teases us at every turn.

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